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Guest broadwaygirl008

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Guest broadwaygirl008

Hi there


Im just starting pointe work at the age of 20 and

I need some helpful advice on how to break in my shoes,

excerise I can do at home to get my feet stronger, or anything that

might be of use to me. Im taking a regular ballet class on Mondays

and Wedsnedays. My pointe class is on fridays. Im the only one in my

class starting on pointe for the first time, so I feel really stupid, b/c their

so much more advance. But this gives me hope. My teacher is very

helpful and very supportive. Any advice is really apericated. Thanx.

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As a brand new student, you have no frame of reference for breaking the shoes in to be suitable to your use, therefore the best way to get them broken in to your feet is to wear them. Put them on, and paddle around the house in them, with socks over them to prevent waxy pickup or shredding from carpets. Try to resist the temptation to "practice" on your own on pointe without a teacher present. You could really hurt yourself. For right now, limit all your pointe work to class. You really should be taking another ballet technique class to support the pointe work.

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