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Hello everyone! Lots of great info here! I think it will be a huge help for anyone new coming in and I'm sure we've helped each other too. Thanks!


Mel, why are tights not typically the requirement until primary? That surprised me. I've thought about it for a few days and I am still missing the logic. I figured tights were the standard for all ages and levels. :wub:

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For the boys in this country, I think there is a definite need for a specialist seamstress, who can make a shirt or leo to order. That could truly make a boy proud.

This is so true! And I just had a brainstorm. Remember that material that was popular a few years ago that changed color with the varying body heat - especially contouring warmer muscles? What do you think about a shirt or leo made of that material imprinted with the words "WE ARE MANLY MEN!" uuuuummmm... where did I just hear those words recently? Well, let's just say that Mel could possibly be the first person to order one. :grinning:

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Well, when they got the belts, they were jumping up and down, swinging them around, acting as if they had just received something really wonderful. I wish I had had a camera. They were so excited. It probably doesn't sound that funny now, but I thought it was precious. It was something important to them.

I can just picture this! What a scene it must have been to behold indeed! :grinning:

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Dance belts provide some of the funniest finagling that a lot of catalogues provide - some of them won't even picture them (dancer not included), so you're buying blind.  Strange example of prudery.  If they bother them that much, show them on a torso mannequin or as a line drawing!

This is the exact probably I was running into recently. The catalog at the studio has 3 available but no pictures. What's even funnier is I thought that their web site "might" include pictures. Well, the box where the picture would normally be is empty except for the words "click to enlarge picture". :wacko: yep, that's just what I wanted to do..... enlarge the blank white space so I could look at a bigger blank white space! DUH!


hey wait a minute! I get it! There REALLY WAS a dance belt there. Brand new, never seen before! It's the invisibility dance belt. So darn comfortable, you don't even know you have it on! :grinning::(

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I haven't read the entire thread, but from what I did read, no one seems to have mentioned the dreaded word "alterations,"

Funny, my son's costumes always need alterations of some sort but I never really thought about it for dancewear. Maybe because I'm not very fond of sewing and I'm always the one that ends up having to do these alterations in the wee hours of the morning just days before performance. :grinning:


But I have news for anyone that sews or has access to a reasonable tailor/seamstress. We need to get a costume made and I was looking through sewing patterns at the store last night and ran across a pattern for men's leotards and fitted t-shirt. The t-shirt is waist-length although I am sure it would be easy to extend the length to make either version - long or short. There are two versions of the leotard - tank and short sleeve. It also includes jazz pants if there are any boys here in jazz too.


The pattern is made by Kwik Sew and is #3029. I noticed they also had a pattern for footless tights but didn't take note of the number cuz one was calf length and the other were stirrup style although you could probably easily eliminate the stirrups and end up with plain footless tights.

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:grinning: Sorry, not so much about traditional class attire but my son loves the tights he special ordered last year from a small company called "Radwear" or "Radestsky Wear". I was hoping to secretly order him some more and don't want to ask him for the e-mail, does anyone else have info on Mrs. Radetsky's dancerwear company? She makes men's tights with suspenders using some really creative fabrics as she does for all of her dancewear. They have some at the Sansha store in NYC (very limted) but I know she had a pair of tights featrued in Pointe Mag. last year that gave her contact e-mail.


Thanks in advance and may the traditional class attire discussion resume.

t :(

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Radetsky? Wonder if there's any connection to Sascha Radetsky at ABT, or the old Austrian General that Papa Johann Strauss wrote the march about, or both? :grinning:


(PS. A quick web search shows me that it is indeed the former's mum who runs the business!)

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I was hoping to secretly order him some more and don't want to ask him for the e-mail, does anyone else have info on Mrs. Radetsky's dancerwear company?

Don't see an email addy yet but would this do?

Radetsky Dancewear


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Wowie Zowie! Thanks! I've been wanting to get some of that Radetsky wear for my boy. He thought the tights were VERY cool. I spent a lot of time when that Pointe magazine issue came out, trying to track those down and it took me quite a while just to find out they had some at the Sansha store in NYC, but they were too long. I will write Mrs. Radetsky immediately and see what she's got. I know another boy or two that would like that line too. I don't know how a couple of their teachers' will respond when they see them...they may just be good for Friday's when they can wear whatever color they want, but.....


And thanks for the pattern info. I will definitely keep that in mind too. Now I just need to find a seamstress that can sew lycra. I can't. Even if I could, I'm a lousy seamstress.


Thanks everyone!

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Guest 2-opposites

I also have spent alot of time and money trying various ballet clothes for boys. The one thing I found in the way of T-shirts came from Targets mens dept. They have a brand name of Merono, that are 93% cotton and 7% lycra/spandex, they are inexpensive and packaged three to a pack. These are great for everday class wear. For auditions he wears the Merona brand T-shirt that is sold individually, they are more expensive but only around $15.00. These are 98% Nylon and 2% spandex, both wash and wear beautifully and don't seem to stain as easily as Hanes. He too would never wear the capri or bikers pants, I ended up getting him black everlast slacks from a sporting goods store. They came from the girls dept. but I cut off all tags before I gave them to him and he seemed happy, they are part spandex so form fitting around the top but looser in the legs.

For large size shoes try ADA dancewear, they keep a huge sumply of mens shoes and I get delivery in about three days.

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All I can think of is that Sasha's mom dealt with the difficulties many of us have had in clothing our dancing sons and decided to do something about it! Kudos to her! I've had similar thoughts myself.


If any of you have Kohls stores nearby, I've found that they sell a very nice quality, not too long T shirt in their summer boys line which kept us in shirts for a number of years....they are a heavier weight than the Hanes variety, and on sale I have gotten them for as little as $3.00 a shirt! Plain white...no pocket.


I do some costuming work...and have found Claudia at Tutu.com to be a wonderful resource. I have had to adapt the patterns in most cases...but at least they give me a starting point.


Re: tights....I agree with Major Mel...boys do very well with bike pants, and I have had no problem ordering in quantity from Capezio or Sansha (Bal Togs capri length work well for young boys). Re: dance belt...this is a guy thing moms...best to listen to your son's clues in much the same way you would listen to a girl re: bra purchase. It is also a protective garment! MStevens nylon is not a bad starting point, but many guys prefer the Capezio quilted ones as they age.


Finally...re: Shoes...Major Mel is once again absolutely correct...the sizes are available...but they may not even be listed in a catalog! At one point I panicked when my son was exceeding the listed size in the catalog...I called the manufacturer and found there was plenty of room for growth still without having to do a special order. I HAVE heard of trouble with tap shoes though...and with these you may need to special order.


Good luck to all!

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For those of you who have previously bought Radetsky tights for your sons, what colours do they stock?? Are they really crazy colours and patterns, or just solid colours?? My son would only be able to wear them on Fridays, but it may give him a lift right now - the February blahs have set in.


Thanks!! :wub:

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