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Are they really crazy colours and patterns, or just solid colours??

The Radestky tights I have seen are pretty bold. The pair my son bought last year are solid dark blue from waist to knee and then an exciting electric blue series of streaks from the calf down. I have seen them in cammo and other over all patterns too. I am waiting to hear what materials she might currently have available.


t :wub:


I just learned that Ms. Radetsky is out of the country until sometime in March. I am sure she can start filling orders sometime after that.

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Just thought I'd bring this topic up since the new dance year is starting and people might have a difficult time finding appropriate clothes for their boys. My DS has been dancing for 3 1/2 years now and I have had a hard time finding clothes for him. He has been wearing black sweatpants that I cut off, hemmed and made into shorts along with white t-shirts, white socks and black shoes. This year I found him some black bike type shorts and white t-shirts at a sporting goods store down south (thank you Academy Sports in Gulfport, MS). He has worn them over the summer and they have worn wonderfully. They are body conditioning gear and I believe are meant to be worn under sports uniforms, but they are great for dance. They wash up well, air dry quickly and still look like new. Under Armor is also another brand that your local sporting goods store might have. I have also had to buy him a dance belt for the upcoming year and one of his instructors told me to go to NY Dance Wear for help. I called them on Friday, spoke to a very nice young woman who went and got the belt and told me what size it looked like. She mailed it that day and we received it on Tuesday and it fits, so we don't have to worry about returning it. I was very impressed with their service and would recommend them to anyone who needs dancewear. Their phone # is (800) 775-3262 and the e-mail is: nydancewear.com. Because my son has an average foot size I can still go to the local dancewear store for shoes, but for everything else I will now use a sporting goods store or nydancewear. Hope this helps parents who are looking to outfit their sons for the upcoming dance year.

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I'd also like to direct new parents to the sticky at the top of the page. It contains some wonderful suggestions for clothing. Just to add.....the Under Armour is a good shirt, but Wal-Mart carries a Starter brand in the same material. Shirts retail for appx $7....rather than the $20-$25 Under Armour wants. Shirts just as good and constructed nicely for ballet activity.

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Both my sons (16 and 19) like to wear stretchy t-shirts we found at Target. They are the store brand, Merona and come in white as well as a variety of darker colors - which now that they are older they prefer over white. They both choose to wear the small size so that it fits snugly. I think they cost around $9. oops I just noticed that someone else also posted about these shirts.


Would also like to add that I order quilted dance belts from the Capezio dance outlet. They come to about $7 a piece - and since like socks, they seem to disappear, that is a good thing!

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Both my sons (16 and 19) like to wear stretchy t-shirts we found at Target. They are the store brand, Merona and come in white as well as a variety of darker colors - which now that they are older they prefer over white.


My son also wears the Merona ladies :D trouser socks from Target. They are thick and made from a material almost identical to his tights (he wears footless tights). I've had a difficult time finding these socks in white lately, but my son wears black socks with black shoes, so there is no problem.

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Guest arabento

Thanks for the info about Target. I guess I will have to make a trip a few miles up the road to the nearest one. I have had a hard time finding socks that are thin enough but still come above the ankle. I will definitely go to Target and look for them there It is nice knowing about the shirts also, as I am sure that now he is back to 2X weekly we will need some extra ones. He does like the wicking material, says it feels better. His school has gotten stricter this year and the instructor told the boys that if they don't have the apppropriate uniform they can't take class, so I am glad I found the things early instead of having to run around this weekend to various stores trying to find them.

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Legg's makes a trouser sock that is very thin. I have bought these for my sons to wear with ballet shoes. They both say they are comfortable and they are not very expensive. How do you order from the capezio outlet? Is there a website? Thanks, Terri

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That's your opinion about boys not looking cool in shiny lycra. I am a guy in my 20's who does ballet and I wear shiny lycra and there's nothing wrong with it I don't wear shiny lycra to look cool I wear it because it's what I feel comfortble wearing.


thats your opinion and you are entitled to it but if the person looking for a dance outfit has to have shiny lycra as you never know that might be all that might be able to fit him then don't discourage them

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She was likely talking from her own son's viewpoint; many males here in the States prefer the matte finish tights. It may be different in the UK.


I know as a mom, my son "educated" me on more than one 'fashion' trend........


By all means- keep wearing your lycras if they are comfortable for you. :)

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We've been looking around for quite some time for tight fitting white shirts. We've been using Body Wrappers, but they are too baggy in the abs for my skinny 12 year old dancer. We've also tried basic t-shirts, but they are also too baggy.


Previous posts that provided some guidance are from many years ago, and as mentioned in the posts many of the items are no longer available.


Would people share what tight fitting shirts their sons are currently using?

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Class Attire for Boys


This thread might also be of help, fitzgrld.


Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, by the way!!!!

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That age is especially hard to find things that will fit, usually because getting something tight in the chest makes it way to short. Look for some athletic wear in the girls or womens section - something with stretch in it. Hanes is also now making men's tshirts that are stretchy. You can get those and stitch up the side seams to make it as tight as you want. DS used a handheld sewing machine to do this, so it's fairly easy to accomplish. At least that way you'll have the right length. These shirts are fairly new (we've seen them out about a year) so they may not be mentioned on the thread that Clara has linked to. Also remember that if he wants something tight, leotards are still an option!

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