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Convincing my parents


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:sweating: My God! I am almost crying!!!!!! My parents won't let me go to SI. They said it doesn't worth it, they said you can't learn much things or improved much in the SI. They said, ' How can you learn things in just 2 weeks?' I am so sad now, and they said it is not safe, they said schools just want to cheat money!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: I am so angry and sad, becaox they are refusing me and saying that SI is bad! I dun know how to tell them how good SI is.............. please help me........... :cat:
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I'm afraid that they have a point, though, if you were planning to go somewhere for only two weeks! If you were to go to someplace four or five weeks long, then there would be real benefit to be gained, but they have nothing to stand on when they charge that tuition and other charges for Summer Intensives are "cheats". Ballet teachers, studios and music all cost something. If housing is included, then there is the cost of that! If board (food) is included, there's the cost of that!! It's something like complaining about the auto mechanic getting paid $100 "just for turning a little screw" - itemized, it comes out to:


Turning little screw - $0.25

Knowing which little screw to turn in which direction and how much - $99.75


I'm sure that the next time the car has trouble, they will have no difficulty at all in seeing the logic there!

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Catherinewinnie, if you go to www.balletalert.com, the home page for this site, you will see a link to The Studio. In there you will find an article I wrote some time ago about the value of Summer Intensive programs. Print that out and show it to your parents.


However, I totally agree about the 2 week thing. Four would be minimum, five or six much better! Good luck!

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Just for clarification, is it important that the 4-6 weeks of an SI be at ONE SI, or is it still beneficial to split those weeks between SIs (eg: 3 weeks at one SI, followed by 3 weeks at another)? :unsure:

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It's almost always best to have a continuity of training, so yes, six weeks at one is better than three at one, three at another.

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actually, I have found more. I have find some 4-6 weeks long. But I am afraid they dun let me too! Maybe I will try harder...... :unsure:

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Catherine, have you found that article and printed it out for them yet?


Also, perhaps if you tell us where you are, at least the country and maybe a state or province, we might be able to suggest some programs for you. How much training have you had, and how intensive is it? If your parents are paying for training, then they should want you to improve, and one can make more progress in a 5 or 6 week summer intensive than in several months during the school year.


Here is the link to the article: http://www.balletalert.com/studio/summer.htm

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Yea, I have print it out for them already. Them seemed to be thinking. To add, I am 13, I live in Hong Kong, and my parents let me go to America, England and Canada. I have been doing about 5-6 lessons a week. Grade 6, not yet start major. Hope this help!

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Thank you, Catherinewinnie! I was pretty sure that you were living somewhere other than the US, however did not know it was Hong Kong! It would be nice to have that in your profile, so that it shows up and people know where you are :)


Mr. Johnson is more familiar with the RAD grades, so he will know what programs might be the best for you here in this country. I hope the article will help with your parents!

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Let me try to help, here! :D


Catherine, were you planning to go to a Summer Intensive in the US, or in Asia? Were you thinking of an RAD-based SI? Many of those are like the ones in Britain, where summer session is only two weeks. :wink:

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