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any famous dancers from your ballet school?


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Hi! :) I was just curious if any famous dancers came from your ballet school? Maria Kowroski came from mine!

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Sarah Lane, Kristi Boone, Alanna Lipsky, Aisha Ash (who was the double for Eva in "Center Stage")... so far :unsure:

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Not as far as I know. My teacher only started this new studio three years ago, but she's been teaching for 29 years, in major cities in Australia (Sydney mainly) so I wouldn't be suprised if she had. I keep meaning to ask her, but I keep forgetting!


Have you guys had these people come back to your studio to say 'hi' I would love it if that happened to me!

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yup! Maria comes back every other year to guest with us as sugar plum, and she even signed my pointe shoes!!!!!! lol she is soooo nice, too!

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Yea, these dancers come to visit during the summer for a few days and I watch them take the professional division class... *sigh*.

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Misty Copeland and Ashley Ellis, although Misty came just 2 years before graduating high school and going to ABT Studio Co. Ashley started at the studio when she was 5.


Also, Ilona McHugh went to my middle/high school and her and her sister (Alina Faye) took class at the studio I was at in Long Beach/Lakewood, CA.

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lol mylildancer!!!


Gretchenstar... that is so cool that Misty Copeland came from your school!!!!

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Guest afroballet01

Steven Hyde (Was in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in 1983- corps de ballet.1985- soloist and then became a principal dancer in 1987. In 1990 he received the attention of the international ballet world as he partnered Laura Graham at the 14th International Competition in Varna, Bulgaria.Danced with ABT startinf 1992 for 3 seasons- Partenered with Paloma Herrera, Amanda McKerrow and Julie Kent and Christina Fagundes),and he is now my teacher!

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