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any famous dancers from your ballet school?

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Well up until recently, I trained at the Anneliese Von Oettigen School of Ballet, where Suzanne Farrell trained when she was very young. When I was about 6, Anneliese (who taught Suzanne) called me "Little Suzie Farrell"!

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Brad Phillips (former principal w/ PNB) and Melanie Skinner (PNB) :innocent:


Melanie Skinner did Sugarplum fairy for my school a few years ago! She's so nice. I would have PM, but I'm not allowed to yet.

Um I don't think anyone famous has come from my school. One person was in Pointe Magazine once. But no one really famous that I know of.

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Guest Kirena

Erin Welsh-Sarasota Ballet! Not famous yet but a really great dancer!

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Calvin Kitten (Joffrey) and Lanette Hitchen (former PNB principal) came from my school! We have also had Polina Semionova (Berlin Staatsopher) guest artist with David Makatelli (royal ballet) and Patricia Barker guest artist with Stanko Milov (PNB).

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Guest alicia71384

she's not a professional dancer, but the actress Teri Polo danced at my old studio

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Kitty Lunn (Infinity Dance Theatre) studied with my current teacher's mother, Lelia Haller of New Orleans, and still corresponds with my current teacher.

Actually, there's a photo of our studio on their website! :ermm:

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Joshua Lacey...he's in Wicked in the West End! And Gemma Daniels played & understudied the lead in Riverdance in Las Vegas methinks :rolleyes:

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I think the most famous dancers who trained at my school would have to be Jennifer Gelfand and Sarah Lamb. Anyone out there with an older memory than mine who wants to add to this list? - insidesoloist

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Guest ballet_kimmi93

They don't come from my studio, but Daniel Duell (ex NYCB dancer), and Patricia Blair teach at my studio. :D It's cool that so many people have famous dancers that trained at their school.

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Evelyn Hart, David Peregrine. many other.


I dance at the royal winnipeg ballet school.

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These are a few of the alumni of our school! It was wonderful when many came for the 50th anniversary Stars Gala a few years ago to celebrate our founder.


Ashley Bouder (New York City Ballet)

Abby Stafford (NYCB)

John Stafford (NYCB)

Adam Hendrickson (NYCB)

Deanna McBrearty (NYCB)

Deborah Wingert (former member of NYCB)

Allen Peiffer (NYCB)

Tina LeBlanc (San Fran)

Vanessa Zahorian (San Fran)

Kristin Long (San Fran)

Noelani Pantastico (PNB)

Carrie Imler (PNB)

Zach Hench (principal at Boston, San Fran)

Tara Hench (retired Boston Ballet)

Sean Lavery,former New York City Ballet dancer , who is now assistant to Peter Martins

Ethan Stiefel (2 years)

Jeff Cirio (3rd place winner at age 15 of Jackson International Junior division)

Lia Cirio (2nd soloist Boston Ballet)

Darla Hoover


Cincinnati Ballet: Mishic Corn

Louisville Ballet: Lara Bricker

Miami City Ballet: Callie Manning, Bruce Thornton (retired, now teaching at CPYB)

Milwaukee Ballet: Jennifer Miller, Jennifer Provins

Pacific Northwest Ballet: Kara Zimmerman

Paul Taylor II: Jamie Rae Walker

Pennyslvania Ballet: Zach Hench

Peoria Ballet: Suzanne Stellpflug (former member)

San Francisco Ballet: Sherri LeBlanc (former member)

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Lucia Martin (San fransico ballet) James Martin (dance theater of Harlem, also worked with George Balanchine)

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Sleeping Beauty



You list your alumni but you don't say what school you are from. That is quite an extensive list. Please post where so many awesome dancers have emerged from.



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Clara 76


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