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ABT? Where to Go??

Guest nyMETdancer

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Guest nyMETdancer

I heard that when auditioning for ABT you have to put which places you would want to go in a ranking. I know it depends on me. But in your opinion what order should I put? I really like small classes and that is why I don't want to put ABT New York first ,c ause i heard that has classes the size of 40. But i know that hat is the most renowned. What do you hink I should do???


( even though I probably wouldn't get in any , but in the slight chanse I do , before hand wht should I do ) :D:unsure::shrug:

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Guest twinkletoad5000

Well, think of it logically. For example, when I pre registered, I put the O.C location last because it lasts throughout the month of August, after I would have already started school. In the fourth spot, I put the Alabama location because I don't really want to go there. In the Third spot, I put the NY location because they don't have any housing, and my mom doesn't want to stay with me for 6 weeks in NY. I put the Austin location as my second choice because Austin is a great town and a few hours away from where I live. So obviously, Detroit was my first choice.

Hope this helps!

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Well...there is a lot of conflict on the "ranking" of the ABT programs. However, it is agreed that New York is the most difficult to be accepted to and that Alabama is the least difficult. From what I have heard, this is the ranking:


1. New York, NY

2. Orange County, CA

3. Detroit, MI

4. Austin, TX

5. Tuscaloosa, AL


Sorry if this opens a big can of worms. I have never been to ABT myself, but (from what I have heard) they pack the classes in all of the locations, and it is just a money-maker for the company. I was accepted to NY last year but declined after some thought and decided to attend PNB on scholarship. But, please, do not get me wrong, I am sure that ABT is an excellent training ground! :wub: Good Luck to all who audition!!:wub::)

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nymetdancer, which location for the ABT SI fits best into your schedule is totally individual. I would suggest you discuss your options with your family first so that the financial aspects are clearly understood by all. Next, your teacher since your teacher is better aware of your development in ballet. On the financial side, perhaps you could consider which location is closer to your home (could save money on transportation) and if you have family in any of the locations (again could save money on housing expenses).


As has been suggested by twinkletoe5000, the date of the SI is also an important consideration. How does the date fit into your academic school schedule and any family vacations that may be already planned is a very important consideration.


Yes, also class size is important, although any of the larger SI's attached to a company school do tend to have large classes. Maybe you should look at the list of faculty members to see how many known teachers of ballet are on the roster. By this I mean teachers who have experience in training young people on a continuing basis, ballet. Depending upon one's age and level of development, it could be more beneficial to study with teachers who have more experience as teachers rather than current /former dancers or ballet masters who generally do not teach for a living.

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Hi, Allegrodancer. I was just curious as to where you found your ranking information? Was it from the ABT SI administrators? I think that those are the people would could probably settle the question that has been asked on this board. (Although I would seriously doubt that they would tell you.) And also, I think that most of these companies would not bother putting on these SI's if they didn't make a little money from it or at least break even, including PNB. :wub:

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Hi Allegrodancer! I have a couple quick questions about PNB's SI, I am thinking of auditioning in a few weeks. I have heard that there are not many classes every day, is that true? How many classes a day did you have? I have also heard some not-so-positive things about housing. On one of the surveys on this board the girl said that there was a "sleep porch" with about 20 girls on it. :) I kind of want to go somewhere with a Balanchine emphasis, so I thought PNB might be a good place to audition.

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Well, I got my ABT NY letter today in the mail! Yay, but I still do not want to go...PNB's dorms are amazing! It is in the Sigma Kappa Sorority House, and the younger girls do stay on "sleeping porches" (but they are NOT a porch, a normal room with bunk beds). They are soooooo much fun! Both times I have attended, I have been on a sleeping porch and loved it. Oh, and we do have several classes a day: 2 hour technique, pointe, character, (for some levels, adagio and variations), modern, spanish, and character. In addition, we also have seminars over Nutrition and Care of Pointe Shoes. The Pointe Shoe seminar is given by Patricia Barker herself, who works on your shoes individually. I do not believe PNB is a money-maker like ABT, because they do not accept HALF as many people as ABT does, and they award both merit and finacial aid scholarships. I have been on merit scholarship for two summers now :wub: . Any questions about PNB, feel free to ask.

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I think that the ABT si that you go to all depends on your preferences. NY is a bit crowded we had 34 dancers in my level but it did not bother me because we had excellent teachers that gave all of us attention and we had enormous studios. CA is a shorter program and I think of a bit more comfy. It has the same intensity as NY since ms. WRight directs it. Detroit I have heard some great things about. It is becoming more reputable but I don't know a lot because I have never been there. Austin I heard is also nice. A little less advanced, I believe it is a great first si. ALabama was geared much towards younger dancers. The majority were 15 yrs old or younger. I felt that I could have been more challenged, but it was a good experience. ALso take into consideration the dates and the places! HTH Good luck!

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nyMETdancer, 3 one sentence posts, and lots and lots of emoticons will not get you to the Buddy Board any faster. Posts like this last one, especially, do not count.


Did you know that you can edit your post and add something? For instance, instead of making a new post, click on the edit button and add your inquiry about the letter or the city to the first post. This can be done when you are adding something right after the first post, like you did in the two minute span of those 3 posts above. :grinning:

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