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favorite male dancer

Guest SophieSapphire

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I guess, I would have to say that my favorite male dancer is Lanny Spires. You probably have never heard of him, he dances with the Columbia ballet as well as teaches there. He is my favorite dancer, buecause he not only is amazing on stage, and has great tecnique, but he is a very nice person, and a wonderful teacher. We were both in the show "Annie get your Gun" together, and when we had two shows on the same day (which was most of the time durring a month and a half run), he would give me private classes since I wass missing my regular classes due to the show. He worked me really hard, and I really appreciated it I felt like I improved while he was teaching me because he really pushed me to my limits :thumbsup: and even when i couldn't get a combonation, we would do it over untill I got it, and then we would make it neat. So... Lanny is my favorite male dancer, teacher, and friend.

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Guest dancing<><piper

Angel Corella is who I would say off the top of my head, :wink:

but I LOVE Jiri Sebastian Voborsky with Ballet Magnificat! He is awesome and a great person. (I can tell that from the company he's with!) I have his autograph!

And I also really like Barishnikov.


I should add that I do like Matt Cotter as I like him as a teacher and he went to our dance school. I don't know what ballet company he's with now, but he was in Boston Ballet.


My all time favourites would have to be almost a tie between Jiri and Angel, both more than the other depending what mood I'm in!

They are all sooooo gooooddd!

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I just love Roberto Bolle but unfortunately I have never had the chance to see him on stage. I just now him from pictures and videos.

On stage I have seen François Petit and I immediately fell in love with him ( :) ) He isn't only a great dancer he is also a great actor in funny and in seriouse roles. He dances since ages with the Zürcher Ballett and he teaches there Pas de Deux.

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Guest Pointe_Princess

Heyhey! I actually have a lot of favorite male dancers but my most favorite one is deffinetly Vladimir Malakhov!


His clean lines, perfect placements,feet and just everything just make me watch him in aww cause he is so talented! But ofcource my other favorites ar Ethan stiefel with his amazing jumps and turns, Angel Corella with just everything and ofcource Baryshnikov :green:


Hugs ~Pointe_Princess~ :thumbsup:

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" personally, I like Jose Manuel Carreno from ABT. His technique is SO PERFECT. His turns are so straight up and down...its unbelievable. "


Sophie Sapphire, I 100% agree with you. He is my favorite male dancer, too. :thumbsup:


Oh yes, and I musn't forget Mikhail Baryshnikov! Where to begin?...

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Guest suzwalsh

I haven't seen all that many ballets, but one dancer that stood out to me in a video I saw was Adam Cooper of the Royal Ballet in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. I thought he was just spectacular.

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My favorite male ballet dancers are Marcelo Gomes (he is such a powerful Von Rothbart), Angel Corella (AmAzInG) and Herman Cornejo :wub: . He jumps SO HIGH and seems to hang in mid-air as Puck. This April I get to see all of them in my favorite ballet Le Corsaire!!

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I have a lot of favorite male dancers...I can't seem to pick just one! I love Damian Woetzel,Sascha Radetsky,Ethan Stiefel,Angel Corella and so many more!!! :blushing: :ermm:

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Ivan Nagy and Anthony Dowell for perfect line, great elegance, excellent partnering. Both made Makarova even better. ditto Erik Bruhn and Carla Fracci.


Baryshnikov for the purity of his classical technique--even when doing a modern piece, the versatility as well that enabled him to do anything well, the power that enabled him to go from a standstill to amazing without a visible prep, and of course, his continuing efforts to help further dance in America. I miss the long black velvet cloak during Albrecht's entrance, the slide across the stage in Sinatra Suite, the solo in White Nights, and that rare smile.

Nureyev for the passion that overcame any lack of technique (though that was not much of a lack) and the passion to continue dancing despite all.


Fernando Bujones for having excellent technique and a nicer attitude and demeaner than Baryshnikov. And finally allowing Cynthia Gregory to enjoy a partnership.


PRESENT: (Mostly having viewed ABT and some Royal Ballet)

Julio Bocca, for filling the gap after Baryshnikov left. Being the perfect partner for Alessandra. And still having amazing technique and great acting ability.


Malakov and Tsiskaridze. Both have long legs, perfect line, a floating jump, great flexibility and strength, and wry wit.


Jose Manuel Carreno for perfect control, elegance, lovely partnering and great technique.


Marcelo Gomes and Herman Cornejo for the height and power of their jumps and grace.


Ethan Stiefel for the precision and power of his technique but also for the ability to combine it with a lyrical grace. And of course the direct manner and wry wit too.


Angel Corella, of course. So his turns and ballon make jaws drop. Many of the above did that too--Baryshnikov?--and at a similar young age. Acting? Ditto. But to combine all?--Technique, ballon, acting? And an epaulement and port-de-bras, not seen since Ivan Nagy. Grace so innate, I don't think he knows it. And a partnering ability that enhances the dance as well as the artist. I'm still trying to analyze why he works so well. What joy.


ROYAL BALLET: PAST: Wayne Eagling and David Wall for acting abilities in Macmillan especially. Wall for technique, Eagling for bouyancy too.

ROYAL BALLET PRESENT: Johann Kobberg. Excellent overall technique, amazing flexibility, the perfect precision of Bournonville training in beats/allegro, and good dramatic ability. Carlos Acosta for the stage presence and power of Baryshnikov. He truly commands a stage without really doing anything.


PS. It took me 2 years to get Baryshnikov to sign something or deign to speak to me, even backstage. All of the above have been both polite, kind, interested, and interesting without ever being condescending; how grateful I am.

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Guest juliet03
PRESENT: (Mostly having viewed ABT and some Royal Ballet)

Julio Bocca, for filling the gap after Baryshnikov left. Being the perfect partner for Alessandra. And still having amazing technique and great acting ability.


Julio Bocca is my favorite dancer. As you said, when Baryshnikov left, he filled the void, and became the sole box-office draw at only 19- he was a Principal from the very beginning. His pyrotechnics, especially in the early years, were outstanding, he flew across the stage. His artistry developed more and more over the year, and is unparalleled in my opinion. With Alessandra Ferri, he has the most magical partnership I have ever seen. When they dance together, they live their roles, they do not act- as they say themselves, they look at Julio and Alessandra, and not at an imaginary Romeo or Juliet. He immerses himself completely in each character he portrays. He has such great humor- who else finishes the pas de deux in Don Quixote with a swig from an imaginary canteen?- and he can dance everything, especially the tango (has anyone seen BoccaTango? :wub: ) He has chemistry with every partner and involves everyone on stage in the action. You can sense his latin fire from the audience! I wish there were more videos of him out there-with ABT he appears only in the balcony PDD from Romeo and Juliet on ABT Now..and especially of him dancing with Alessandra Ferri...


among others, I of course love Angel Corella- who doesn't?- for his bubbly personality, charm, amazing technique, adorable face, etc., etc. I also love Jose Manuel Carreno, David Hallberg, a rising star, Igor Zelnsky, Vladimir Vasiliev.

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