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Met a Famous Ballet Dancer?


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Have you met a famous dancer? I think that my most memorable celebrity dancer was meeting Alessandra Ferri. I really liked her personality. She was extremely patient and sweet. I had the chance to sit in the ABT studio and watch her rehearse Romeo and Juliet. It was amazing!

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I was thisclose to Baryshnikov the other weekend at SAB--It was awesome! I also saw Irina Dvorevenko and Maxim Berlotserkovsky :) , but I was too shy to get their autographs, silly me.



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Suzanne Farrell

Susan Jaffe

Maria Kowroski

Charles Askagard

Angel Corrella

Gillian Murphy

Herman Cornejo

Maxim Beloserkovsky

Stella Abrera

Fernando Bujones

Ted Kivitt

Jeremy Collins


And I don't know if this counts, but I saw Allessandra Ferri in sitting some rows ahead of me when I went to see Le Corsaire.


Bolded are those I have had classes from.

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I have met several from ABT. Julie Kent, Susan Jaffe, Angel Corella, Ethan Stiefel, Paloma Herrera, and alot more. I was Ethan Brown's character partner when he taught at my school for a week during the summer. That was fun. Whenever ABT comes my friend and I say hello to him and he still remembers who we are even 4 years later. He even made a joke that we could come take company class. :wub: Julie Kent came to see my schools nutcracker this year she was swormed with fans eager for a picture, and didn't mind.


I met Suzanne Farrell when she gave a lecture at a museum. During her talk she made a point to address me out of the observers because all the people who attended were adults, no ballet students. All the questions that the adults asked were private ones, ones that she didn't look to thrilled to have been asked. All the questions she was being asked were ones she had explained over and over. So she acknowledged me and asked if I had a question. I wasn't prepared for that but luckily I came up with something good fast! :thumbsup: Then afterwards she signed autographs and the observers formed a line she then proceeded to cut to me and signed mine first and talked to me. I think that is one of my most memorable moments with a famous dancer.

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I haven't met any as of yet (I will be in Febuary though). Lucinda Dunn of the Australian Ballet sent some pointe shoes to my friend as a present for her 16th birthday (I wrote to her asking for some) and Lucinda wrote back to me, asking if we want to met her when she's in town, and a friend of mine is friends with ex AB princiapal Justine Summers.


You are all very lucky to meet these dancers. I can't wait to meet some of the Australian Ballet Dancers.

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I have a funny story about Mark Morris:

At our studio we have buzzers outside that everyone has to ring and tell their name in order for the person behind the reception desk to buzz them in. The company members are fond of teasing anyone who answers the ring by giving funny, false names. I have been at the desk and heard from a male dancer,"Darcey Bussel" and numerous others. So one day I'm at the desk and the person at the buzzer says,"Mark Morris". So I laugh and speak in a very cynical tone of voice to the person over the intercom and say,"Very funny-come on in". So who walks through the door? Mark Morris! I screamed,"Oh my gosh it is you!!" He looked at me funny, laughed and said,"WELL WHO DID YOU THINK IT WAS?" I was laughing so hard and my face was so red, I couldn't even get any words out!!!!! :shrug: Later, however, I did get his autograph!


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That's a really funny story, Clara 76. B)

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I have had the pleasure of meeting: Muriel Maffre, Julia Adam, Christopher Stowell, Natalia Makarova, Darcy Kistler, Veronica Tennant and Joanna Berman. I am a lucky gal! :wub: Natalia Makarova observed our class and spoke to us afterward, it was nerve racking, but great. Darci Kistler was very sweet and gracious, as is the now retired Joanna Berman. Julia Adam and Christopher Stowell both choreagraphed ballets at my school. They both were very organized and passionate about ballet.

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I have met (as in taken class with) Suzanne Farrell (but that was an audition), Merrill Ashley (+ photo w/ her, yea!), and Eva Evdokimova (just class). :thumbsup:

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I have seen Irina Dvorovenko dance. She's amazing! I almost got to see Max dance, but he was injured so he did not perform.

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Guest dancer04

I have met Wendy Whelan, Nilas Martins, and Phillip Neal of the NYCB. Lauren Anderson and Dominic Walsh of Hosuton Ballet. And Kristin Long of SFB. In fact, Dominic Walsh is here choreograohing for our spring show right now. Unfortunately, I don't get to be in his piece. He only seleced 3 girls and its a good think he didn't pick me because I can not move like that. The piece is really cool though!

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Damian Woetzel was my Fritz at Boston Ballet many years ago, and Jennifer Gelfand was one of my 'little sisters' while growing up at BB. I was friends with Tina LeBlanc from my CPYB days and there were 5 of us who palled around together and had fun sleepovers! (oy, those were many, many, bajillion years ago)



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