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Can I come to dinner??? I eat!!!! I could talk to him allllllllll night! :rolleyes:

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Christine Winkler and John Welker, Principal Dancers at Atlanta Ballet (and relatives).

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I have met Julie Kent along with her husband, Marcello Gomes, Jose Manuel Correno, Irina Dvorovenko, Alexei Tykuav, Daniel Ulbricht, and tomorrow I'm taking a class with Christopher Flemming.

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I met and got autographed photos of 2 BalletMet company dancers at the open house. I honestly don't have a clue who they are (can't really read their signatures) but I figured why not? lol. I'm sure the friend I was with can easily tell me who they were... she's gone to pretty much every BalletMet performance at least once.

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Years ago, my wife and I were at a Bed and Breakfast in Placerville CA, a gold rush town several hours from San Francisco.


At breakfast, we were seated next to a couple named Evelyn and Stephen and we engaged in conversation; they mentioned a move to Seattle and I asked if their professions were 'transplantable'.


They replied they were dancers, and a thought suddenly struck me and asked if they were in fact Evelyn Cisneros and Stephen Legate of the SF Ballet, and sure enough, they were!


We had been patrons of the SF Ballet for several years, and what a pleasure it was to meet them in a 'neutral' setting!

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