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Met a Famous Ballet Dancer?


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Susan Jaffe is actually one of my teachers, and at my summer intensive this year(unless i get into ABT NY), Maxim B, Irina Dvorovenko, and Ethan Steifel will be teaching!

I have met and gotten autographs from:

-Paloma Herrera (twice)

-Irina Dvorovenko

-Julie Kent

-Stephanie Saland

-Xiomara Reyes

-Marcelo Gomes


But i didnt get all those ABT people's autographs for nothing...i waited outside the stage door in the cold at midnight for an hour! but it was well worth it!

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I have met and talked to a lot of the professionals at PNB because I take ballet there and have been in the Nutcracker. And one of my friends is really good friends with Olivier Wevers :wink: (A principal at PNB).

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After my sister was diagnosed with leukemia, she was contacted by the Make A Wish Foundation. Her wish was to go to New York and see Paloma Herrera perform. The Foundation granted her wish and my whole family was off to New York. We saw Paloma Herrera perform, and we also go to meet her afterwards in her dressing room! It was truly amazing!!!!


I also had the pleasure of meeting Julie Kent when she taught my audition for Indiana University!

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I'm happy for you that you got such a wonderful opportunity to meet Paloma. I'm so sorry about your sis having leukemia.



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Dear Dancers,


I'm currently a mom, so I don't know if this note will get removed, but I thought it might interest you all to know that once, when I was quite young,I got to meet Tanaquil LeClerq. Do you all know who she is? (If not, look her up.) She already had polio:( , so wasn't dancing any more, and was brought to my parents house by a friend. She was soooooooooo beautiful, you couldn't believe it. And graceful, softespoken and kind to me. I'll never forget it. :wub:

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I've never met a famous dancer. I've just seen Olivier Wevers and Patricia Barker seen in the Nutcracker. My ultimate dream would be to seen Julie Kent perform and meet her. I've only seen her in Center Stage, and just loved fell in love with her dancing. She seems such a nice person too. Unfortunately, I don't think ABT will ever come to Belgium.

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Guest Artistka Baleta

Hmmm let me get a playbill from my studio's Nutcracker 2003. I danced with Larissa Ponomerenko (Masha), Valeria Khmelnytska (Spanish dancer), Igor Morozov (Drosselmeyer), Maxim Nisnevich (Mouse king/Spanish dancer), Alex Lapshin (Nutcracker prince), Sergey Dmitriev (Russian dancer), Ivan Tkachenko (Harlequin Doll), Igor Belyaev (Grandfather), and Peter Ostaltsov (Russian dancer).


(Post me if any of you have met or heard of these dancers.)


When Alex Lapshin came to be our prince it was really neat. He's a wonderful dancer. His wife would've danced in our Nutcracker also if it weren't for the fact that she was pregnant. I got his autograph at the cast party.


Larissa Ponomarenko was sooo sweet when I met her. She made the most beautiful Masha/Clara I ever saw. After our last performance when she was leaving, I saw her talking with some people about her bouquet. I asked her about it and she said she could not bring it home with her because she could not hold it on the airplane. She told me she was going to donate it to a hospital. I asked her for a rose from her bouquet and she gave me the biggest one. I now have Larissa Ponomarenko's rose to remember her by. :D I thanked her and she gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye and then she left. :D



Another couple of dancers I met outside of the Nutcracker were Anna Polikarpova and Ivan Urban. I'm not really sure why they came to our studio but they did. Ivan came in and took a couple of classes and Anna actually helped teach my class. I got to watch Ivan take class and I saw my teacher correct him! His shoulders were sort of slumped over because he's so tall, he likes to be as short as he can I guess.


Anna is a very sweet woman. (I wear her size point shoe in Freeds of London) She posed for a personal picture for me and signed her autograph in my ballet autograph book. In class, she winked at me a couple of times. When we said goodbye she gave me and all my class members a hug and a kiss. Her and Ivan posed in costumes for our Nutcracker before they left. I wonder why though because they were not in our Nutcracker.


Maxim Nisnivich is a funny guy. He was in the Nutcracker with me as the spanish dancer. I have alot of stories about him if anyone wants to hear them. I can not tell them right now because I have no time but if anyone cares to hear them, give me a post! He gave me his E-mail and Screen name so I keep in touch with him alot. :unsure::blink::D


(If anyone cares to hear my experience with any of the dancers I met give me a post or e-mail.)

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Guest SEH11

Last summer, my mom and I spent a few days in NYC before I started ABT NY. We went to see ABT perform Swan Lake at the Met on a Saturday night (Gillian Murphy and Angel Corella were dancing the leads). As we were waiting for the performance to start, Ethan Steifel came in and sat right next to us! He watched the entire performance sitting RIGHT there. Then during the intermission, Sascha Radetsky came out and sat in front of me for the rest of the performance. It was definitely exciting. Several years ago, Gillian Murphy and Marcello Gomes came and performed with our company in honor of our 40th anniversary. Gillian Murphy started dancing at our studio before going to NCSA. A lot of us got their autographs after the show and they were very sweet about it.

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SEH11, Welcome to our forum! :cat: I see this is your first post here - I hope there will be many more. :unsure:


I wonder: Were you able to concentrate on the performance with Ethan Stiefel, and then Sascha Radetsky, sitting so close? :wink: I'd have been tempted to keep looking at them to see their facial expressions.

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I met Irina Dvorovenko and Max Bletzerkovsky (sp??) after the ABT performance of Giselle and they were both super nice (I got pictures and autographs!) :yes:


I met Julie Kent after that same ABT performance (me and a bunch of other girls chased her and stopped her in the cross walk to get her autograph!! we probably freaked her out but she was really nice anyways :) )


I met Angel Corella at San Francisco Ballet last summer (omg he is really cute... :D ) and he signed my name tag!!!!


I met Patricia Barker when she came to do Swan Lake with my company last month! She came with her partner Stanko Milov (they were both incredibly nice) :D


For all you SFB fans out there I have met Katita Waldo, Muriel Maffre, Joan Boada, Tina LeBlanc (she is short like me yay!!) and others!! I LOVE THEM ALL! :thumbsup:

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Guest Artistka Baleta
:yes: Hey, I just found out that Larissa Ponomerenko, her husband, Maxim Nisnevich, and I believe Peter Ostaltsov may be comeing to my ballet studio's summer intensive this year! I am very exited! Also Viktor Kabaniev and Tina Bonsteadt will be there to help teach at the intensive. :)
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Guest starrdancer

I've met Maria Kowroski and she signed my pointe shoes. I also met Susan Jaffe, and when I took her class, she said I had "beautiful" feet! Hehe. :wink: She taught us a variation from Sleeping Beauty.

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Yes, many times when I was studying ballet at the Joffrey we would have members from the company come in to guest teach. It was wonderful. I just recently met, years later, Trinette Singleton, formerly of the Joffrey, while I was studying there and she is older but still lovely and still looks like a dancer.


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