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I realise questions like this have been asked before but I am very curious and I have searched but not found the answer I'd like yet. I have learnt ballet for 3 years and my teacher has just put me on pointe. I'd like to work to a syllabus so I found out about a school that would take me (at 16)

However, I was wondering how much pointe work is included in intermediate and what is examined etc. I'd have to attend 2x90 minute long classes, one 2 hour long class and a one hour long "open class" for int and int found students. An optional int found class is also an option (90 mins) and later in the year an adv 1 can be added.

I'm also in my 2nd to last year of high school so school is very important and I have a job which requires me to do 10 hours a week. My to-be classes can only just fit around it and I can't stop working because thats how my ballet is paid for. Does anyone else juggle things all around?


But mainly, could I have info on intermediate (RAD) eg...how much pointe is done, the average age of students, the type of barre exercises and centerwork etc...


Any advuice at all would be appreciated!!!

Thank you!

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Well, for pointe in the intermediate(formerly elementary) classes, there is definitly more pointe than in intermediate foundations. It's not that hard, but there is more in the center. It will be hard to schedule your classes around your job since intermediate requires at least 2-3 1.5 hour class/week. You have to ask yourself if your job really means alot to you to do it instead of dance, because you will have a hard time trying to fit dance into work schedules. Both require you to have flexible schedules already. If you can fit it all in, great. But eventually, the exhaustion will catch up and you'll have to decide which one is more important to you.

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Guest gingembre

Leanne, I believe she is sticking with the job precisely because that is what is paying for her dance classes. :D


Poppiedancer, you should talk to your dance school and see if maybe there is some workstudy you could do with them in exchange for the classes. Even if you end up working as many hours they will be much more flexible in terms of scheduling with regards to your dance classes! :sweating:

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Guest Firebird3000

I'm doing my intermediate exam this year. This is what we do for pointe work.

At the barre:

Rises in first and second

Echappe Releves in fourth and second

Passe devant and derriere

Retire passe

Coupe fouttee racourse(sp?)

Poses en avant and de cote


In the Center:

Temp lies

Echappes in fourth and second

Pas de bourre

Passe devant and derriere

Courre (sp?)


I think thats all but I could have forgotten some. Hope this helps.

Alex :)

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Look here for Examination Content of RAD Intermediate:




You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, but if you don't have it, it's a free download, and the Intermediate pointe vocabulary is in Section 5.6.3, which is on sheet #79, p. 83 of 131.

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Are they written and/or do they need to perform for their teachers? Is this simply to move on to the next level?

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No, they are technical accomplishment only. Just a class. And the levels are sequential, like Algebra is followed by Intermediate Algebra or Human Biology is followed by Advanced Human Biology.

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