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Margot Fonteyn's Feet

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It's unfortunate, but dancers without beautiful feet are sometimes at a real disadvantage when it comes to auditions for many schools and companies. As a student dancer today, Ms. Fonteyn would have encountered a fair amount of difficulty gaining acceptance to some of the top programs. She would have had to demonstrate her other lovely attributes, at just the right time during an audition to gain admission to some companies/schools. My own dd has encountered this over the years. So, for those of you out there without pretty feet, start stretching them now!

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Maybe Margots statement about her feet came from her early days in training when her feet were compared to pats of butter?

Lets face it everyone is different and nobody is perfect, I personally loved Margot due to the fact that she was an everyday girl who worked very hard for her love of ballet and performing.

Margot was so modest and that was most refreshing compared to the diva attitude some other dancers adopted :)

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Mel Johnson

Remember what I said earlier. Fonteyn's feet were not bad - they were good feet. They just were not exceptional feet. There is no reason for any student or parent to freak out over feet that are not fantastic. If it's good, it's good. There's no point in trying to gild a lily.

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I never understood the comments about Margot Fonteyn's feet either. There was nothing bad about them that I could see. I think I read about her feet on this board some time ago and went back to look at pictures to see what the comment meant. I think her line and the way her body was always in perfect line would have been marred if she didn't have good feet. Ms. Fonteyn was also blessed with a beautifully proportioned body. You're right, vagansmom. From her autobiography, she seemed quite modest about her talents which endears her all the more.


As to whether she'd 'pass the audition' today, I'd like to believe she would. She had a LOT of that extra special something auditioners always say they're looking for.

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