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Bad Arches

Guest CSdancer45

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Guest CSdancer45

I have pretty bad arches :D . What should I do to improve my arches? Should I use my theraband more often? Any other exercises you know of that will help? Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Bad arches, OK, (audience:) HOW BAD ARE THEY? They're so bad...


(you give the punchline) :D

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well, using a theraband to stretch and strengthen is one option, people stretching your feet will also probably help. really working your feet in class will also help. lots of releves for strength. just, find a good balance between the two, and your feet will probably improve.

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Aw that's not much of a punchline :D


What we needed was "My arches are so bad, that the local fire department calls me in to stamp out forest fires." (rimshot)


But seriously folks, what we need for arch improvement is more working of things that make the foot articulate, or unroll joint by joint. Things like tendus, degagés, frappés, battements fouettés, pas de cheval, even the correct position of cou de pied makes the arch work and improves it, but nothing brings fast, fast, fast relief - it's not an overnight cure, and there is no kind of Alka-Seltzer we can drink to make ballet technique come more quickly. Using a theraband to point and flex against can be helpful. First try the loop only under the ball of the foot and then only point out as far as the metatarsal joint. No toes. Then catch the toes in the middle of the band and point the foot fully against it. You won't need too many reps of these properly to warm and stretch and strengthen the foot muscles that help define the arch.

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what?? there's no ballet technique alka-seltzer?? you mean i've been driving around to every walgreens in the country for nothing??? :D


theraband helped me tons!

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