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Tights over Leotard

Sarah Ann

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I am sorry if this is a repeat. I only read the first page but I can't believe nobody said this already even though it may be considered indelicate. When my classes went through the tights on top phase it was to make going to the restroom easier between classes or on a break. At least we didn't have to strip everything if you could pull the leo to the side.

Also, about the wedgies. Tights under always prevented the wedgies for me. That may be why in my classes the tights over thing was temporary.

The look never bothered anybody. We already had strange looking outfits sometimes with no real dress code around. The only thing that bothered us was seeing someone with panties sticking out under tights and leos like the 6 year olds. I was in a warm climate and the teachers for the older girls generally mentioned that it was a unhealthy idea besides being hideous to look at on the first day of class when giving other instructions about shoes and buns and such.



Hi again. I keep coming back to read the posts here and I find it all interesting. I just keep thinking that if I had worn "tights over" much they would have been continually falling down as I had them stretched to their max length and way less than their max width. Anybody else have the fit thing where if the legs are long enough, the waistband willingly comes up over your chest?

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Simliar to using the capezio tight elastics as a belt I've seen girls do the same with the elastics from victorias secret underwear. It was the trendy thing to do at my high school.

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Guest Nadezhda Alliluyeva
I've noticed that some girls wear black tights over their leotards instead of under.  I think it is hideous.  I was looking at a similar topic on the 13-16 year old board mention something about how awful it looks to have pink tights over a leotard, but I think it looks rediculous with any color.  Is there any purpose to wearing tights like this?  I just feel that it looks completely unprofessional and breaks the what could be beautiful line of the body.


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Guest floatingonair

I've worn tights over my leo a couple times. Once it was because durring the summer, I knew that I wouldn't have that much time to change after class before going to to play so I threw the tights over my leo because I could get changed easier. Its a stupid reason but the class was really laid back so i had shorts on and no one could tell. I really don't understand why people would do it on regular basis or when its noticeable, it really does look bad.

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I am one of those people who always seems to get holes in the crotch of my tights, and I've found that if I wear them over my leotard.. they are less likely to rip... Holly

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Guest Bethie0420
We had a girl in class the other day that would stand in between combination with her two hands over two spots on her leg.  The teacher noticed this and asked if she was hurt.  Turned out she was hiding holes in her tights.  The teacher took off her warmups and showed runs galore in her tights and said if you are dancing properly they are going to run.  So we've now been instructed really awful tights are a badge of honor.  I always thought they were a sign to get new tights!



I've had a girl in one of my classes do a similar thing. She had these one pair of tights so tattered it was crazy, but she was so extremly proud of them because of all the hard work she had done while wearing them.

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i go to a performing arts school and for modern we always we black tights over leotards guys and girls. for ballet i do think it looks silly, esp. w/ pink tights.

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knock knock....young dancer from13-16. Delete this message if it's not allowed, but this topic really interested me.


I don't think that anyone should ever wear black tights. :cool2: My school is quite strict and no one would get away with it! I don't think the teachers are thinking straight if they allow all kinds of other uniforms. Ballet is a discipline; and it shouldn't have any rebellion in it. We've gotta just wear pink tights, body stockings and coloured leotards.

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Guest dipingevo

I have worn tights over my leotard a few times. When I first started ballet, I stuck to the very strict traditional dress, but as I started taking classes more often I felt the need to mix things up a bit more. I think that it can look good sometimes. I don't usually wear pink tights over leotards, just white or black ones.


I like seeing people look different.. I think I'd go crazy seeing girls dressed exactly the same every day.

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knock, knock......please delete if I'm not allowed here....God I feel so old.....anyway, I am now a parent of a DD. However, I was danced in high school. I definately don't like the tights over the leo thing. However, I have to look back to my dancing days. We used to think it was cool to wear inside out long underwear and boys boxer shorts. I went to a High School for the Arts and we wore our dance wear all day in all of our classes. Plus, there was the Flashdance look going on. So I guess I can't preach here. :P

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While I agree that the look alone of pink tights over a leotard is definitely not classic or classy, I've been known to do this for several reasons, all functional.

The first is to hold ill fitting leotards to my back, it keeps them from "bubbling" out, much as a skirt or black tights worn over would. People have already mentioned that when tights are worn up around the waist under a leotard they also tend to cut uncomfortably into the body. The second reason is for pas de deux. There is nothing more awkward then rehearsing a whole pas with your leotard up over your hips, and a monsterous wedgie. Again, the tights being over the leotard hold it down to your body. Do you all really think it greatly detracts from the line of the body? It seems as though it would actually lengthen the appearance of the legs.



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I think that black stirrup tights worn over a black, or dark, leotard is very flattering. That's what I always wear. It makes one long line for the legs, and the stirrup makes your feet look better. I like ones that aren't totally opaque, so you can still see the muscles. Also, a white gusset looks bad, so I pick ones with black.


Pink tight worn over looks horrible, IMO. Makes ANYONE look big. Pink looks lovely under a leotard, but BAD over. I've never seen it look good on anyone.

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Guest ScottieGDE13

It always amazes me the topics that people have such strong opinions about! I personally like the look of black tights over the leo much better than if you were to wear black tights underneath the leo. I can't explain why I like it, but I do. This is certainly not the typical ballet dress code, but I'm talking more for modern or jazz. The pink tights over... I've done it, but I inevitably hate it and the look it creates.


I do, however, have a reason for why I would do both these things. In my dance classes in college we have about a maximum of ten minutes to go from a modern class to a ballet class on some days. This sounds like a lot of time, but between going to the bathroom, cooling down from modern, possibly needing to talk to a teacher or classmate, grabbing some more water, putting the hair up in a bun (our modern teachers prefer that we wear our hair in a ponytail so that when we lie on our backs our necks are still in line, not pushed forward because of the bun lifting our heads off the floor), and getting mentally prepared for the next class, I don't know, I always prefer more time than that. Because I prefer to wear black tights in modern (there's just something about doing a modern class in pink tights that doesn't sit well with me) and I'm required to wear pink tights for ballet, it's easier to do the over the leotard thing on some days when I'm not in my fastest changing speed. When I write it out, it sounds really petty! But that's the honest truth. Sometimes I'd rather only have to change the tights and spend time on other things.


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Guest QueenSporkalina

I'm a big fan of wearing tights over my leotards.


Back when I was attending professional schools with strict rules, obviously you follow them without question. Ballet requires discipline and part of that is adhering to rules. The leotard color may not be your favorite, you might not like it, but if it's that big of a deal then perhaps that sort of thing isn't for you.


Now, however, I'm just dancing now and then for me. I don't wear black tights all that often because I find them to feel like sausage casing. I do like mesh seamed tights, and whenever I'm taking class I wear them over my leotards, or I don't wear tights at all and just throw on a pair of longish warmup shorts or tight warmup pants. Tights over is just far more comfortable to me, and even though I've been wearing tights for longer than I can remember they've just never really found them to be all that comfortable.


I also always roll up the bottoms of my tights to just under my calves. [Over my calves creates rather unpleasant pressure on a rather sensitive muscle!] I like bare feet in my pointe shoes because it gives me a far greater feeling of control over my work. For performances and back when I had to look acceptable for classes, I cut out extra holes in the feet of my tights for my big toe and other four toes [creating a flip-flop like foot], and then a small hole in my heel, so the callouses on my heel [or tape] could keep the backs of my pointe shoes from slipping. Not visible but still allows me the feeling of control.


I don't really like sports bras under leotards, and although my chest isn't huge it does get a bit swollen and sore when I've got my period, so cutting the crotch and feet off a pair of black tights and wearing them under my leotard with the waist band right under my chest creates a perfect bra-type piece of dance attire.



If I were still persuing a professional career, sure I'd wear tights over my leotard on rehearsals or days when it was allowed, but ballet is not exactly the profession of comfort, so on class days it's required color, tights under, and tights rolled down!

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