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Tights over Leotard

Sarah Ann

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Well I'm coming into this late but I just wanted to say that I wear black tights over but only with a black leotard.I'm required to wear tan tights(my teacher prefers the DTH look because most of her students are black) and just like I think you should never wear pink tights over,I would never wear tan tights over.

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Certainly in partnering, it is helpful to wear tights over, especially if you are wearing a skirt as well, as you can roll the tights down over the top of the skirt and the boys will not get as frustrated. Wearing tights over gives a longer line for legs(which I thought most of us want!), but pink tights can sometimes look bad over. I just can't stand when people roll their tights down so that their hips and belly roll over them! I think that the leo and tights over look also seems more like a tank top and pants look than a solid mass of torso.

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I know that at my studio, the main reason girls wear their tights over their leotards is because its "that time of the month". I'm guilty of this as well, seeing as it prevents certain things from getting out of place as I dance.

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The only time I ever wear tights over my leotard is when I take open classes or at Steps. I actually love the look of black stirrup tights over a leo, and I don't think it is unprofessional unless you are disobeying a dress code that was strictly set.

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I dont know if anyone else said this.. but I wear my black and pink tights over my leos because of the fact that while taking classes at college, I really dont want to strip down to nothing in the bathroom.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, ballet4eva. :)


As with everything, it is up to the teacher and/or the school as to the proper attire for ballet classes. Some teachers will allow that, others will not, whether it is in a college program or a ballet school. Some schools with "open" classes allow almost anything, unfortunately.


I have done a little bit of editing on your post above, so please check that.

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I think black tights under a leotard looks worse than when they're over. It's just not aesthetically pleasing. I'm not a huge fan of wearing black tights at all, but do so on occasion, and whenever I do, they are over my leo. I am guilty of wearing pink tights over as well. I know it looks awful, and totally cuts the line, but it saves time and prevents wedgies. I usually only wear them over if I know I'll be wearing junk over them.

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OOps! An over 22 wandered here by mistake.

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I find that wearing your tights over your leotard can make your legs appear longer. Rolling your tights up around your calf is much more unflattering, in my opinion.

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I just think pink tights over a black leotard looks wierd. It breaks up your body lines. At my dance studio, we can wear any style of black leotard but it must be worn over your pink tights. My teacher is rather strict about that.

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