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tapered flat shoes?


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I guess I have tapered feet, at least that is what I've been told. I have a problem with the amount of material hanging off my three toes that are "tapered". It flips up and I get a lot of "POINT YOUR TOES" directed to me (in a very loud manner) in class, by all three of my teachers. I changed my flat shoes from Bloch Prolite (leather) to Sansha canvas, in a narrow size. However, I'm not impressed with the Sansha canvas shoes so I asked my dance vendor to check with the Bloch Rep to find out if she could get the tapered flat shoe that Bloch makes. She said the Rep told her that the tapered shoe would be too narrow for my foot????????? Anyway, can anyone recommend a tapered flat shoe? Basically I have a duck shaped foot (wide at the metarsal, narrow at the heel), the first two toes are almost the same length, the third is close in length to the second toe and the fourth and fifth drop off substantially in length. Thanks for any help on this.



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Guest fastfeets

I had similar problems with slippers essentially overpowering my feet. I had problems with the tapered bloch shoe being too constrictive and not allowing for proper platform when en releve' (among other frustrating things)


I'm currently wearing Grishko Ultimate. I've got no end of positive things to say about those wonderful slippers. No bulk, no lump under the foot. Beautiful line. Resiliant. Lovin' those slippers!


oh, and they have a v vamp, which also makes the line gorgeous....

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I agree that Grisko makes a very nice pointe shoes, but I'm talking about flat shoes, or just "ballet" shoes, not pointe shoes. I have tried the Grikso canvas shoes, but they stretched so much they actually flew off my feet in one class! As for pointe shoes, I personally like Sansha Lyrics, which is why I tried the Sansha flat shoes. I also like the Grisko 2007's, which have a very nice vamp, and in my opinion a nice platform.

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Guest CyberDancer

Actually the Ultimate is the newest Grishko soft ballet shoe, and not a pointe shoe.

I personally have never had Grishko canvas shoes stretch the amount that you indicated, so can't help with that. Do you not put elastic on your shoes?


If you like Sansha in general, Sansha makes other types of canvas ballet shoes than the commonly found pro. You might try the Tendu 9. (see sansha.com for more info on their shoes, as well as sources)


Also the canvas juliet has supposedly been modified to be wider across the toes, and narrower in the heel, so it might be worth at try.

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Guest fastfeets

Yep, Grishko Ultimate is a soft, canvas, split sole ballet slipper, and I've found it to be the only one not to become misshapen after wearing, which is why I sing such high praises of it. The pair I have now, which are nearly ready for retirement, haven't become stretchy in the least (though they look pretty roughed up from wear and tear).



Fuzi has a nice looking canvas split sole slipper, but I find the mass of fabric bunched under the ball of the foot highly annoying, and I can't wear them. After trying on a Juliet slipper a few days ago, I found the same problem with those...in fact, it seemed more so in capezio slippers. Grishko's slippers just don't have that lump of material in the insole...so wonderful when trying to balance. :)




oh, and in trying on several slippers saturday, I was given another Grishko slipper to try...the seam along the instep was at an angle as opposed to vertical from the sole. I didn't like those at all. They didn't have the same line, and werent nearly as soft or flattering as the Ultimate. (evidently the odd seamed shoe isn't their "Ultimate" shoe...according to shop girl...all I know is I handed them back rather fast...)


...but then again, i'm so picky that way...

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Sansha also has leather ballet slippers. I suggest looking at www.sansha.com The old capezio teknik also had a tapered shape, I don't know if they changed that since revamping the shoes. Grishko also has leather ballet slippers that fit tapered feet rather well. Then of course is the old way of making shoes fit tapered feet. Order them 1/2 size too small and 1 width too narrow, soak them in hot water and place them on your feet and wear them about the house and they will conform to your foot.

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I've never heard of being about to do that (soak shoes and tailor fit them). Does it work only with leather or would canvas do that too? I have rather large feet with tapered toes as well and that would make finding shoes to fit so much simpler!



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