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waist belts for auditions?


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If you are really used to wearing a waist band (on your waist of course ;-) ) is it okay to wear one that way for an audition? I realize many of the teachers hate them on the hips, but don't dislike them on the waist, however, does that differ for an audition? Hmm?

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Not to my knowledge, Jenna. But, I have a problem, as you know with wearing them on the hips, so maybe some people don't like them on the waist either. On the other hand, some schools require them on the waist! So, if the teacher does not say anything, then I don't see a problem with wearing it or not.

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when I went to the abt si audition last year, I asked them that question, and they said that they preferred that I not wear it. I was sad because I was so used to wearing them, I quickly got used to the feeling of not having one on..... lol

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Hint: If you see a big sign in red somewhere in the waiting room that says:







don't wear a belt.

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Guest dancergal

I never wear waist belts for auditions, but that's because I'm scared that my hip will go up and it will be outrageously obvious to the auditioners. And usually my hips don't go up, but there's a first time for everything right?

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Yeah haha, I used to wear them on my hips, but when I first was told how short it makes your legs look, I quickly noticed how true it was and moved them to the waist. Then I realized that those skinny hip belts sometimes look kind of funny on the waist, so I made a waist belt with elastic. I'm used to wearing it now too. It's odd sometimes how used to yourself in a certain way you get, and it gets hard to get out of it sometimes! :wub:

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