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How long do they really take?

Guest nyMETdancer

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Guest nyMETdancer

It's hard waiting I know! But waiting and having no idea when the letter is going to come is even worse! How long do the letters take from people who have already recieved their letters? any comments will be helpfull to my anxiousness! :wacko::shrug::lol::shrug: Waiting, nyMETdancer

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Maybe you could tell us which programs you auditioned for, where and when the audition was for and what age group. That way, if we have received a letter, we can tell you and help you out. Even it we didn't audition where you did, if we know the program, we can tell you how long it took for us to get one from our audition site.

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Guest dancerkad

i know abt's letters take about two weeks or less and sfb mails theirs after their tour ends which will probably be around the 19th of feb (acceptences first). i'm not sure about Chataqua but their website might say when. i know exactly how you feel, waiting each day for the mail man, because i do that to :P by the way, does anyone know when boston is sending out theirs? i've heard different things :shrug: ...



dancerkad :thumbsup:

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Guest ckdancegirl7

It's me again. You may get your ABT letter sooner than expected. They told us it would probably be a week until they sent the letters but I already had mine five days after the audition!

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