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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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Who is your favorite dancer? I'd probably have to say Maria Kowroski and Suzanne Farrell, followed closely by Julie Kent, Sarah Lane, Stella Abrera, and Gillain Murphy!! What about you?


My favorite male dancer is Vladimir at ABT.

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I've decided-it's a tie for me between Natalia Makarova and Alicia Alonso. Makarova gave me chills and Alonso's just pure fire!

For the men-who else but Baryshnikov?!! I have had the pleasure of seeing both Nureyev and Baryshnikov perform in their prime and while Nureyev was intense and had such incredible presence, I cried when I first saw Baryshnikov dance. When he jumped, he absolutely took flight-it is still the most amazing image I think I will ever hold.


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My two favorite dancers are both very flexible, sexy dancers- very stylish. They are Sylvie Guillem and Wendy Whelan.

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My favourite dancer is Nicole Rhodes (ex-Australian Ballet now Royal Danish I believe). I was looking at the pictures they had ages ago on the AB site, and I though she was really pretty, then I saw her dance and I fell in love with her dancing. She really dances from the heart, and she has amazing technique. Shes an angel as well, she signed a pair of her pointes for me, which was a huge shock. I wish her all the best.

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Alessandra Ferri. I have always been captivated by her style, her musicality and personality. She makes me want to cry when she dances! Her heart and love is so pure! I love Julile Kent as well though for the same reasons! I saw her last year at my first live professional performance and she DID make me cry! I would give anything to see Alessandra Ferri live one day!

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ooooh...............toughy......I would probably have to say that my favorite dancer is Sylvie Guillem. She has such amazing technique and she is an amazing artist! She is an eclectic dancer and can move for any choreographer....she was born to dance!

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I think I would have to personally choose Susan Jaffe.

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I think Alicia Alonso has some kind of superpowers. She was in the audience when the Ballet Nacional de Cuba was in NYC recently and I heard her exclaim when certain wonderful things happened onstage. I'm sure she can't see a thing but she just KNOWS... Incredible


Damian Woetzel


I've read Allegra Kent's autobiography several times as well. Never saw her dance or met her, but I'd love to at some point.

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Altynai Asylmulatova - Yulia Makhalina - Ludmilla Semenyaka among the Russians


Wendy Wheelan among the Americans - her "Diamonds" made me cry.


Among the men: Igor Zelensky and the man who plays Jean de Brienne opposite Semenyaka's "Raymonda", whose name escapes me, but who has such a terrible stage presence and attention to his partner (though maybe he is not so technically outstanding as others, but I love his very "Russian" attitude)



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Thanks djb for your reply - i was mistaken - the dancer I meant is the one who dances opposite Bessmertnova in Raymonda. Anyone know who he is?



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