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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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NATALIA OSIPOVA!!! Look her up on youtube-- she can jump higher than her partner! not only that but i forget to breathe when I watch her she's so stunning.

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Svetlana Beriosova was my favourite ballerina when I was a student. I tried to see her in everything she was in. I absolutely adored her as Elgar's wife in Enigma Variations - I so wish there was a video of that ballet. Baryshnikov is still my favourite male dancer of all time.


When I was 9 I saw the Bolshoi Ballet when they came to London for the first time ever. I wrote to Galina Ulanova and invited her to tea! Amazingly she bothered to reply and I still have the signed photograph she sent me framed by my bed.

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London Dancer

Alina Cojocaru, without a doubt. She's fantastic. :mondieu:

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My favorite is Polina Semionova. Watching her dance is inspiring, she is very graceful and expressive. My other favorite is Alessandra Ferri.

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Alina Cojocaru is my favorite of this time. I think she is not only a wonderful dance, but also a wonderful actress.


My absolutly favorite, though not active anymore, is Yulia Makhalina. She's my idol!

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My ultimate idol/favorite dancer of all time is SUE JIN KANG from stuttgart ballet! She has such a brilliant artistry!


but i also love watching alina cojocaru, diana vishneva, new rising starlet obraztsova, julie kent, and alessandra ferri


No one seemed to have posted many male danseurs

I love watching baryshnikov, Bolle (he is also very very handsome), ethan stiefel and daniil simkin

because they have this way of playing with the audience

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Welcome both Gwostie & krkimkrkr!!!! :blushing:


Make sure to introduce yourselves in the Welcome Forum if you haven't already! :)

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Svetlana Zakharova- her extensions are amazing!

Alessandra Ferri- the emotion she dances with is beyond comparable!

Alicia Alonso- when I watch her dance in videos, I forget that she is unable to see. I couldn't do it if I were her.

Margot Fonteyn- her stage presence is nothing I have ever seen! She's a beautiful dancer!

Diana Vishneva- I wish I had arms as toned and muscular as her! The first time I heard of her was in Dance Magazine, and has immediately become one of my favorite dancers!

Mikhail Baryshnikov- you can never forget a male dancer like him. In one of the studios at my ballet, there's a huge life-size poster of Baryshnikov! My teachers always talk about how great of a dancer he is.

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I have renamed this thread to reflect our mission as Ballet Talk for Dancers. :) Please continue to name your fav ballet dancers!!

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