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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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:D:) I have had many favourite dancers over the years, but nowadays I would say Aurelie Dupont, with Alina Cojocaru coming a close second. In the male division I like Karl Paquet, Johan Kobborg ( a very different style of dancer) Jean Guillamine Bart, and Stephane Buillon. (who I think is maybe only a sujet)
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I'm not really familiar with the names of famous dancers ( I don't recognize very many of the dancers that people have mentioned on this thread) but I would have to say Patricia Barker is my favorite, just because I've seen her perform and she was great.


There's another dancer I really like, I can't even remember her name for sure, but I think it's Maria Tallchief. I know she hasn't been a proffesional dancer for a long time, in fact, I think I heard that she isn't alive anymore, but I still look up to her.

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Polina Seminova, Sarah Lane, Svetlana Zakharova, Gillian Murphy, Sylvie Guillem and Yuan Yuan Tan.

I do have other favorite dancers, these are just the ones that come to mind!

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Yuan Yuan Tan is my favorite dancer I have seen preform. I really love Evgenia Obraztsova, Diana Vishneva, Yulia Lopatkina and Makhalina, and Svetlana Zakharova I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

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I LOVE Paloma Hererra, Susan Jaffe, Natalia Makarova, Julie Kent and Deanna McBrearty (corps de ballet NYCB, although I'm not sure if she's still there)

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Hi! i loved this topic so i will say mine too : D


my favorite female dancer is NATALIA OSIPOVA :') i just love her, she is so sweet, generous, talented, and so yooooooooung :o i love her :sweating: but i also admire polina seminova and svetlana zakharova :blushing:


my favorite male dancer is roberto bolle and of course VLADIMIR MALAKOV :P:lol:


thank you for this wonderful topic :wub:


kisses *.*

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Well, my favorite male dancer is easy: Mikhail Baryshnikov. He is simply unparalleled. I'm not old enough to have seen him dance live, but from what I can glean from video clips there is just no one who can match the sheer power of his presence (not to mention his jumps!)


Favorite female dancer is a little bit harder, but I would have to go with Gillian Murphy. I've seen her dance live a few times, and it was truly breathtaking. Seriously, I think I forgot to breath. Recently, I saw a video on YouTube of her dancing Odette/Odile and that's what cemented this vote. Swan Lake is my favorite ballet, and she is by far the most beautiful Odette I have ever seen.

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ummmmmm... Definatly either Suzanne Farrel, or Alessandra Ferri; and my favorite guy dancer is Daniil Simkin! <3 :) Oh yes, and Mikhail Baryshnkov!

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For the men-who else but Baryshnikov?!!
Yep, have to second this one, although Vladimir Malakov is also beautiful to watch, but Baryshnikov (in my opinion) had a stage presence that really commanded the theater, plus, he could partner anyone and he always made his partner look beautiful. As for the women, it's very difficult for me to find a favorite because I feel it depends on the theater, which ballet is being performed and somethimes the partner, but I'd have to say currently I'm enjoying Polina Seminova. I also think Suzanne Farrell and Margot Fonteyn were fabulous.
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Male- David Hallberg... without a doubt!!!!


Female- Alina Somova. Saw her to Don Q in DC recently... and she was amazing!



In a few weeks I'm seeing David Hallberg do both Sigfried in Swan Lake with Wiles as Odette/Odile and Gomes and Von Rothbart, and David and Michelle do Tchaikovsky PDD in ABT's mixed rep show!

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