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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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My daughter loves Polina Seminova. We are getting to see her tomorrow night in ABT's La Bayadere. She is determined to get Polina's autograph. Is there anyway to go about doing this?

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Yes there is :D I did it last summer! After the show go straight down into the parking garage and there there will be a stage door. If you walk straight you should find it, normally there are already people waiting around so it shouldn't be too hard to find ;)

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Thanks ballet4life we will try it. We will be celebrating her 13th birthday, it will be the best present ever! There is a parking garage at Lincoln Center??

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No problem :) Yes it's underground... you have to go down a ramp, I believe, then through a hallway into the not so full parking garage haha :D

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Valerie Robin- Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. She's a curvier dancer, tone, but has broad shoulders, just like me. It's refreshing to see more "womanly" body types becoming more accepted. I like watching dancers who have adult bodies, not bodies like children. She's absolutely gorgeous to watch! I got to talk to her for a few minutes, got her autograph and she's really nice. I got a good amount of autographs from the dancers of Joffrey due to one of my friends being a circle member, she'd take me with all the time. :)

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Polina Seminova was absolutely breathtaking Saturday evening. We were very excited to hear that she will be a principal with ABT starting Sept. (My daughter got her autograph- thanks for the advice ballet4life737, she was thrilled.) The entire production of La Bayadere was fabulous. Kingdom of the Shades was beautiful.

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My absolute favourite would have to be Evgenia Obratzova. She dances with such emotion and has a sweet temperament. :) Plus she wears Gaynor Mindens!!! We share the same brand... :hyper:

There are so many other dancers that I admire as well though: Sylvie Guillem and Heather Ogden (from the National Ballet) being 2 of them.

My favourite guy dancer is probably Guillaume Cote.

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Maria Alexandrova. She is phenomenal - and so underrated :o

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I adore up-and-coming dancers, rising stars. My favorite dancer would have to be either Keenan Kampa or Hee Seo. They're both just amazing, flawless. :) I also adore Sara Mearns, Joy Womack, Svetlana Zakharova, and Alina Cojacaru. :)

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Top five as of now, not in order:


Diana Vishneva


Maria Alexandrova


Alina Cojocaru


Natalia Osipova


Alina Somova


Also, a lesser known dancer:


Daniela Oddi from the Prix De Lausanne Competition

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Marianela Nunez! I'm surprised she isn't on here more. She really has it all; poise, grace, incredible strength, and artistry! I really love the Royal Ballet as a whole.

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aldballerina, I couldn't agree more! I love Marianela as the lilac fairy.


I also enjoy Janessa Touchet of Cincinnati Ballet. I saw her as Alice, in Alice (in wonderland) and she was incredible! Her expression and portrayal of the character was amazing and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her interpretation of an inquisitive, innocent girl was highly enjoyable.

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Svetlana Zakharova, Polina Seminova, and Carla Korbes! Svetlana is definitely my favorite though. My extensions are getting close to being as high as hers, finally!

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