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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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I keep discovering more and more dancers that I admire--yay for Youtube!!! I must add Marianela Nunez to my list...her artistry is spectacular, and her technique is amazing. It is especially her artistry that I admire...she dances with her whole body and conveys emotion and meaning with every movement.

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My favorite dancers are Marianela Nunez and Tamara Rojo. :)

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I REALLY like Maria Kochetkova. The fact that she is so small, only 5', but dances so big is just amazing. I also love Tiler Peck; she inspires me because she joined NYCB at only 15. And Evgenia Obratzova, Katharine Precourt, Melissa Hough, Sara Webb, Alina Somova, and more.


Basically I'm saying that I'm obsessed with every dancer out there. :whistling:

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Marianela Nunez!!!! I like that she is not only dancing the steps, but conveys the emotions through eyes etc brilliantly.


Am especially in LOOOOVE with her Odile

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This is such a long thread that I don't know if I have already mentioned this, but I saw Ekaterina Maximova as Tatiana in Cranko's Onegin with the ENB in London. She was 50 at the time, but danced like a young girl and her acting was just goose-bumpy! She was totally plausible as Tatiana and altogether gave an incredible performance - one that I will always remember. It was truly one of those special experiences that you lock away in a box in your mind and never forget............ Svetlana Beriosova and Baryshnikov are still my absolute favourites though. :)

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I personally love Gillian Murphy, and also (if you've seen that dance movie 'Center Stage') Ethan Stiefel- now an artistic director, who also happens to be Gillians fiance!

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Mine is definitely Svetlana Zakharova. She is flexible, beautiful, and knows how to express herself onstage! Look her up! :clapping:

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I think I could write a book about how many dancers I admire/have made me cry. As a huge (and that's an understatement) Nutcracker lover....Baryshnikov and Kirkland.

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