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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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No one in this thread has mentioned about my personal favorite... my favorite dancer without a doubt is Lauren Lovette from NYCB :) I love how she dances and people have said that I remind them of her! Granted I do love everyone else mentioned on this thread but Lauren just takes the cake for me!

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Dd's favorites are Misty Copeland and Darci Kistler (loves The Nutcracker dvd I bought her with "the kid from Home Alone" :ermm:).

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I have to say I'm a huge fan of Sara Mearns! I also love watching Megan Fairchild.

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Its very hard for me to choose, I just love so many dancers, their styles and artistry...
Everyone is unique.
I have been very fortunate to have met many ballet stars in person and even working with them on stage and off.
I really love Svetlana Zakharova, Lucia Lacarra, Marianela Nunez, Alina Cojucaru, Roberto Bolle, David Hallberg and many many more!!!

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Sara Mearns 100% :)

(And Megan Fairchild/Tiler Peck/Ashley Bouder/Stella Abrera/Carrie Imler/Sarah Orza/Evgenia Obratszova/Viktoria Tereshkina/Sarah Lane/so many more)

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My current favorite as of right now is Kathryn Morgan.


If you haven't seen her youtube videos, look her up!! You won't regret it! (By this, I mean that she has her own channel)

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I like many dancers, but my favourite is Evgenia Obraztsova. She is so small, but so expressive and shows so much enthusiasm. I also love Polina Semionova.

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ooooohhhh, hard. my fav russian dancers are :gossip: 1.Osipova 2.Zacharova

I also like Darcey Bussel!!!!! :wub:


:excl: plz see christopher wheldon's a winter's tale! because of it i love

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Who can pick just one? Tiler Peck and of course I agree with Darcicapointe, you can't go wrong with Osipova or Zacharova!

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My favorite dancer, if I had to choose one, is probably Ariana Lallone. She was the principle of PNB.

She is 5'11 and 6'5 en pointe!

She is my inspiration since I am very tall myself! :)

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My favorite dancers are Jacqueline Straughan and Beckanne Sisk from Ballet West. I also love Mathilde Froustey from San Francisco Ballet and Amber Scott from The Australian Ballet. (I have watched each of them in person, and they are all so amazing!!) Sorry I couldn't just pick one!

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My favorite is Misty Copeland. Since she started ballet so late and still made it to pro level she is such an inspiration to me!

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