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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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Yes, djb -that is him: Vasyuchenko - to me, he embodies what a male dancer should be. I wonder what has become of him now?



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Which book about Maximova are you referring to, Bee? Is there a biography or something?



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It's actually her autobiography, a book she wrote herself, called 'Madame "Net" (translated as Madame 'No'). I'm reading it in Russian, and I don't think it was translated into any other languages yet, it just came out in 2003...


It's a big book with lots of photographs...Maximova writes about her teachers, her childhood, her life with Vladimir Vasyliev, and ballet in general.. :flowers:

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Guest tutucute

This is a tough one...I'd have to say my favorite dancer right now is Alexandra Ansanelli. Her stage presence is captivating, and the way she moves is incredible.


I also love to watch Megan Fairchild, Janie Taylor, and Ashley Bouder. They're all really different, but all amazing dancers!!! :rolleyes:

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