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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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One favourite? How could I choose one? Okay, long list coming.... Natalia Osipova, Olga Smirnova, Alicia Markova, Diana Vishneva, Sergei Polunin, Ekatarina Kondaurova, Alessandra Ferri, Igor Kolb, Tamara Toumanova, Raven Wilkinson, Sarah Lamb, Margot Fonteyn, Yuhui Choe, Ashley Murphy... And Nureyev. Always Nureyev. Forever Nureyev.

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I agree, Scheherazade! So many amazing dancers.


My favorite women: Violette Verdy (love her expressiveness (her port de bras amazes me) and she seems like a wonderful person--so interested in training young dancers); also Martine Van Hamel and Marianela Nuñez (again, such artists).


Favorite guys: Carlos Acosta and Mikhail Baryshnikov because WOW! :)


Love this thread. Fun to read of "new" dancers to check out. Thanks to whoever started it.

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She is! I've seen her live as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and she's just... amazing.

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This might be cliche, but I love Sara Mearns. I think she's a gorgeous dancer, and I look up to her the most. I also love Misty Copeland; she really inspires me not to quit since I also started late! Svetlana Zakharova, Yuhui Choe... I need to research more ballet dancers, though, thats for sure!

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Scheherazade, I can't believe you've seen Marianela live! That must've been truly incredible. Her energy is so powerful even on video, I can't even imagine a live performance. (BTW, can't believe that I forgot Nureyev on my "favorite dudes" list. He was amazing--in ballet and on the Muppet Show.) :)


Alexisozlem, Sara Mearns isn't cliche at all (imho). She and Misty Copeland are very inspiring, and I love watching strong female ballet dancers --especially as a mom of an aspiring dancer with a more muscular build. Seems like they both have an incredible work ethic, too.

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I just had the pleasure of watching Francis Chung from SFB and she is absolutely fabulous!!!!!

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My favorite dancers are Marianela Nunez and Tamara Rojo. :)

Have you seen their incredible Bayadere with Carlos Acosta? :clapping:

:hyper: Rojo was Nikiya and Nuñez was Gamzatti

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She is! I've seen her live as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and she's just... amazing.


so absolutely jealous of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes::huepfen::clapping::jump:

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