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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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My favorite dancers are Marianela Nunez and Tamara Rojo. :)

Have you seen their incredible Bayadere with Carlos Acosta? :clapping:

:hyper: Rojo was Nikiya and Nuñez was Gamzatti

I saw her carmen with carlos acosta and that was AMAZING. I have the royal ballet agenda 2016 and marianel nunez is on like 5 of the pictures including the cover!!!
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My favorite dancer to watch is April Daly from the Joffrey Ballet. She has such an expressive face and an air of sophistication. She is elegant, but still with a "girl next door" quality. I've been fortunate enough to see her in many lead roles such as Odette/Odile, Sugar Plum, Juliette, and Desdomona. Definition of grace and class.

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Carla Körbes is up there for me. She's one of the reasons I fell in love with ballet. I also love Evgenia Obraztsova(sp?), Stella Abrera, Darcey Bussell, Gillian Murphy, Suzanne Farrell, Tiler Peck, Wendy Whelan, Sara Mearns and Alessandra Ferri. As for guys I adore Robbie Fairchild, Joseph Walsh, Baryshnikov and Bolle. I had the privilege of seeing Bolle live and he was spectacular. 

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kkelsieballet, I'll have to check that out! Carlos Acosta is an amazing producer/choreographer--and, of course, dancer. :) I bought his production of Don Quixote for my daughter for Christmas because it had him and Marianela dancing together. What a great surprise that he had such a large role in the whole production. Can't wait to check out that La Bayadere! Thanks for recommending it!


On a much sadder note, was so incredibly sorry to hear that Violette Verdy passed away. :( I had just tonight checked out a few library books for my daughter with quotes from and stories about her. We were just an hour ago having a conversation about her and how incredible she was (as a dancer) and still is (as a teacher and mentor) and then so serendipitously (looking up something completely unrelated on the Internet) found a thread about her death. Like others have said, she seemed like one of those people who would just go on forever, and I had hoped that one day my daughter, who looked up to her as a role model and one of her absolute favorite dancers, would somehow get to meet her. I'm so happy for those who did. She was such an inspiration to and supporter of young dancers. Very glad she was in the world for as long as she was to share her incredible gifts of ballet (technique and artistry), humility, humor, and generosity. What a beautiful life. Rest in peace, Ms. Verdy.

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Canadian here: Yes, I saw Karen Kain dance back in the day. She was clearly a star but I can see how she might not be as well known outside of Canada though she did dance and tour with Nureyev so she did get some international exposure.

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Steven McRae


He's so athletic, precise. I loved him in La Fille. Great at pantomime. So all around entertaining.


I still have many dancers I haven't seen. But so far he has been my favorite.

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I have a lot of favorites

Natalia Osipova for her levitation abilities and for her fabulous kitri.

Uliana Lopatkina my favorite swan, with arms of pure silk

Sylvie Guillem for reinventing the ballerina ideal and her killer Raymonda clapping variation



Other favorites of mine:

Plisetskaya, Nunez, Alonso, Vishneva, Choe, Imler,

Makharova, Obratzova and so many more with incredible talent


But of course, to the women who made me want to be a ballerina- Adrienne Benz


I think I was around 11 when I had the great privilege to be a jester in BalletMet's Romeo and Juliet. Adrienne Benz was Juliet and I remember standing in the wings watching the final scene. Now my 11 year old self knew very little about ballet. You could have asked me who Baryshnikov was and I wouldn't have had a answer and I really had no idea of what made a ballerina (let's say I've learned a lot since I was 11). I have no idea if this performance was truly exceptional but to me it was everything . Ms Benz is without a doubt one of my favorite dancers. That night, she was Juliet, her acting skills were amazing. Watching the final scene, her flinging the empty bottle away, her reactions when she realized Romeo was dead and most of all the way I saw her life flash before her eyes when she grabbed the knife. I had never cried so much in my life. Watching her pour her heart out, to me it was pure magic. To me, she was perfection. After that performance was when I decided I wanted to dance because if I want to completely submerge people into the ballet the way Ms Benz did that night. If I ever become half as talented as her I'll be satisfied

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Not sure where to post this as I am new but has anyone noticed Miko Fogarty is no longer in the Birmingham Royal ballet website? Any ideas what happened?

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Maria Tallchief. We're both Native-American and we both had to overcome extraordinary odds in the dance world. She is my inspiration!

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Yuan Yuan Tan from San Francisco Ballet and Ashley Ellis from Boston Ballet.  I love how Yuan Yuan Tan is so graceful and how easily she can change characters.  I love how Ashley Ellis keeps everything fun and lively, but can also be sad and slow too.  Ashley Ellis also makes a cute line of rompers, legwarmers and jumpers all handmade!:D

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