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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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I adore Gillian Murphy. I wish it was easier to find her Swan Lake on DVD! Also a big fan of Kathryn Morgan. Also really like Tiler Peck, especially in how diverse she is, going from classic ballet to Broadway and back and forth. As far as past generations of dancers, I haven't been watching as much ballet in that area, so I'm not as sure!

Not sure about male dancers, sorry guys. :) 


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I love Misty Copeland and Sean Dorsey!  What they're able to do in spite of the obstacles put their way astounds me.  I also really like Kathryn Morgan (so happy she's back in a company).

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I have to say...

Misty Copeland and Dusty Button. Misty Copeland has actually inspired me to do ballet!

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The Merry Widow is my favorite because it's comical with some fun choreography. I first saw it with Peter Martins dancing the male lead and I was hooked.

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I love Vadim Muntagirov from the Royal Ballet. I think it's because we have similar dancing styles, and it is nice to see where I could be in years if I keep working hard. I love him in Swan Lake!!

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Renata Shakirova and Vladimir Shklyarov. Can I say Plisetskaya if I've never seen her live?

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