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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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My favorite dancers are Polina Semionova and Misty Copeland

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Like you, Goldenhuny06 I'm rooting for Misty Copeland -- what an

amazing young woman...


But my favorite dancers, of all time? Hmmm -- well, right now I'd

say Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov... But Julie Kent... ah,

she's really special... I give up -- I can't choose :D

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Guest BattementCloche

Most definitely Karen Kain, "Canada's Sweetheart" (does anyone know who said that? I can't remember...).


Has anyone outside of Canada seen Karen Kain perform/ know who she is? She's the one ballerina everyone thinks about here (along with Evelyn Hart), but she is seemingly less well known outside of Canada.

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Yes, I do know who Karen Kain is - though I have never seen her live- only in video. I once saw her Swanhilda (Roland Petit's version) and she was charming - I fell in love with her dancing instantly


I also like her Florine in Nureyev's version of "Sleeping Beauty" - beautiful legs, and line.

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Guest alescna

Julie Kent and Gillian Murphy!.. although i saw a clip with Polina Semionova and she was pretty good too.. i think in a few yrs time, when she's in her prime, then we'll really see good stuff from her :)

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Guest dancer522

I really love Larissa Ponomarenko and Pollyana Ribeiro. (both from Boston Ballet) because Larissa Ponomarenko is just flawless whenever she performs and Pollyana Ribeiro is great to watch but it also an excellent dancer.

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Guest nutmegger06069

there are so many amazing dancers i admire but my favorites would have to be wendy whelan, sylvie guilliem, and paloma harrera

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My favorite dancer is Anna Povlova. She literally anced untill her dying day, and she had great ambition. She brought ballet to America, and many other places. So, Anna Povlova is my favorite dancer. :thumbsup:

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Guest littlegelsey7

I have a lot of favorites but Gelsey Kirkland is the best. Someone once called me little gelsey and ever since i have thought she is awesome. i also love suzanne farrell (sp?) Maria Kowroski, and Merrill ashley (i have her autograph!) and Julie Kent and lots more. I love Laura Bowman in PA ballet too cause she went to my studio. But Gelsey is the best! :(

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