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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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Guest Dance_Like_This

I'd have to say Sylvie Guillem, she was just incredible. Watching her on tapes and stuff just makes me want to quit because shes so incredible but there are soooo many other amazing dancers in the world that i admire, just too many to list!!!

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Suzanne Farrell and Wendy Whelan are my favorite ballerinas of all time.


They both have something special about the way the "become" the dance and the music. It's a quality I don't understand, and I am always finding new things that I like about both of them.


There's a lot of dancers I like, but most of them I feel like I can describe ...I "understand" thier qualities. I've never seen anyone else like either of them.


Sorry, I'm totally without words to describe how I feel about them.

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Guest rainbow bright

I have 2 favorite dancers of all time: Darci Kistler from NYCB (loved her since I was 8) and Erin aka. "Christy" Barnard from BalletMet...but I have to say I'm a bit biased as I do know her :).

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Guest Gargouillade

This is such an interesting topic! My favorite dancers in companies today are: Wendy Whelan, Teresa Reichlin and Damian Woetzel of NYC Ballet.

Gillian Murphy, Herman Cornejo, and Monique Meunier of ABT.

Yuan Yuan Tan and Lorena Feijoo of SF Ballet.

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Boy, this is tough...SO many incredible dancers, and some that I have never had the privilege to see in person or AT ALL! But, I have decided that my favorite ballerina is Lynn Seymour, and my two favorite male dancers are Erik Bruhn and Rudolf Nureyev...I know there are awesome dancers of the present, but I can't help my admiration for the stars of my youth...

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I second Lynn Seymour, I saw Margot Fonteyn when she was 50 years old and she was unforgettable. Now I like Jose Manuel Carreno, Damian Woetzel, and Herman Cornejo has become one of my favorites lately. (Midsummer nights dream as puck is to see him at his best). Alessandra Ferri as Juliet will be hard to forget. Susan Jaffe in almost anything she did. And what about Fernando Bujones and Cynthia Gregory, now there is a winning combination. :D

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