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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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Gregory and Bujones were phenomenal...Right up there on my list of best dancers of all time...

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Somebody just loaned me a tape with quite a bit of footage of Viviana Durante from Royal Ballet. I have a new favorite! She's perfection...

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Oh yes that is a beautiful video with some lovely variations done beautifully by the fairies also. She is really lovely in all the variations on that. Quite brilliant.


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Guest livebreathedance

Suzanne Farrell without a doubt.I went to her lecture at harvard last year and it was very informative.

my other favorite dancers are David Hallberg of ABT - he has exquisite lines for a male dancer , Nicole Rhodes of Royal Danish Ballet , Anna Polikarpova of the Hamburg Ballet - her adagio is amazing and she has so much warmth on stage, Lorna Feijoo of the Boston Ballet - she is so powerful both in her tecnique and her artistry - i saw her dance the most breathtaking white swan last year... , and Francoise Voranger of Jose Mateo's Ballet Theater - still very young (19yrs i think) but has strong technique and is passionate...she will be an interesting one to watch in the future.

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I think that one of my favorite teachers is Victoria Mazzerelli (sp?). She is a great teacher!!! My only problem with her is the fact that I have a trouble paying attention when she teaches because she has such amazing feet and legs it is hard to pay attention to anything else...lol.

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Guest Joanna

Sylvie Guillem - her moves are so beautyful, she's very flexible and fast

Diana Vishneva

Aurelie Dupont

Alicia Alonso


and from dancers in Poland:

Sławimir Woźniak

Maxim Wojtiul

Izabela Milewska

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Guest kitri2b

Maria Kowroski- I saw her live last year and she was absolutely amazing!!! I also love Patricia Barker, because my body is very similar to hers, and Julie Kent too.

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I have always loved watching videos of Anthony Dowell, if we're to go with current dancers Gonzalo Garcia at SFB has really impressed me.

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So many favorites.....Tamara Rojo, Barbara Garcia, Mara Galeazzi, Irek Mukhammedov, Angel Corella, Alexei Borovik.....and there are others too!

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Sorry....I left out two of my favorites.....Carlos Acosta and Leanne Benjamin! It really is hard to come up with a list since each dancer has particular strengths that are different from another dancer's strengths.

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