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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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ahhhhhhhhh! talk about a hard desision!!! ok well...gelsey kirkland is absolutely amazing and she is like my idol. suzanne farrell is one of my faves too ( lots of people say i remind them of her :D )...but those are all retired people. now i love alexandra ansanelli and nycb and svetlana zakhorova is awesome. oh and in abt julie kent is just amazing!

~Sarah :clover:

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I LOVE Julie Kent, Gillian Murphy, Melanie Hamrick, Paloma Herrera, and a girl at my studio who is my role model/hero. :thumbsup: They are all so beautiful, amazing, and inspiring!



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Personally I love Sarah Lamb who recently left the Boston Ballet to join the Royal Ballet. She is one of only a few americans admitted! Her most beautiful performance was, for me, Lady of the Camellias during her death scene. If I ever visit london I am definitely going to watch her perform!

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Guest swanodette

Lucia Lacarra, Paloma Herrera, Alina Cojocaru, Svetlana Zakharova, Roberta Marquez, Sylvie Guillem, Diana Vishneva and so much more!!!! :thumbsup:

In men, I live Angel Corella, Herman Cornejo and Eithan Stiefel!

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Guest lisinka1

1. Natalia Makarova

2. Kyra Nichols

3. Alessandra Ferri

4. Darcy Bussell

5. Nina Ananiashvili


1. Ivan Nagy

2. Damian Woetzel

3. Misha Baryshnikov

4. Julio Bocca

5. Vladimir Malakhov

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Paloma Herrera, Alina Cojocaru, Svetlana Zakharova, Darcy Bussell... but all time favorite, Svetlana Zakharova. :D

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Guest Kitri25

Alessandra Ferri and Nina Ananiashvilli, and Julio Bocca are my all time favorites. I love Julie Kent too.

From City Ballet, Darci Kistler and Damian Woetzel...and Alexandra Ansanelli from I guess, miscellaneous.

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Guest BaLLeT BaBe 820
Who is your favorite dancer??? I'd probably have to say Maria Kowroki, followed closely by Julie Kent and Paloma!! what about you?



I recently met Barette Vance of Pennsylvania Ballet. She is a BEAUTIFUL dancer and is even prettier in person. I think she's corps or an apprentice but I couldn't take my eyes off of her!

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Guest Tinytutu30

One of my favorite dancers are Maria Kowroki. She has a nice extensions and nice body.

My favorite boy dancer is mikhail baryshnikov. no competition between him. Even if hes short he has such strong leg muscles.



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I'm always looking for tapes of dancers I haven't seen yet - my collection is still very limited :( But Paloma Herrera is amazing, Barishnikov and Makarova were great, Angel Corella is awesome, and I recently got a DVD of Sleeping Beauty of Viviana Durante that was very impressive. Does anyone know how tall she is? She looked really small. But definitely a great dancer. :D

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