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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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Suzanne Farrell and Nina Ananiashvilli, two very different dancers, but oh my, so great in every way.


Another favorite is Carrie Imler. She has a way of suspending her jumps, like a gazelle.


Tina Leblanc has the most amazing petite allegro and delicate artistry.


And that's just the women...

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Uliana Lopatkina, Wendy Whelan, Yuka Lino (sp?)


I wasn't around to see her dance, but I've fallen in love with her pictures: Liane Daydé.

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Guest carjorud74

Dancers I have seen Live: Nureyev, his pictures in a life magazine got me to go and fall in love with ballet- and dance in general.

N.Markarava, Bujones & Gregory, Nina Aniashvilli,-- J.M Carreno and Jaffe- their 1st Don Q got me back into dance after Rudi and his generation either died or retired.-- Ludmilla Semenyanka and Carlos Acosta.


From Film or Video: Maya Plieteskya, Irek Mukumedov, Alicia Alonso(I did see her live a few times) and Yuri Soloviev.

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Guest jessy

I would have to say Elena Glurdjidze, from English National Ballet, I saw her in the Canterville Ghost premiere and she was absolutely beautiful!!! My mum and I are hoping to see the triple bill of Stravinsky/Voluntaries/Sinfionetta, with Darcey Bussell and Alina Cojocaru- I've seen lots of pictures and videos online of them and they look amazing too, so no doubt I'll really llike them too!! As for men, I would say Sascha Radetsky, although I've only really seen him in Centre Stage! :blushing::grinning: If i were alive at the time I would have given anything to see Fonteyn & Nureyev in Marguerite and Almond (sp? - sorry!) And also I'd have loved to have seen my mum dance, but obviously if I were alive at the time I would have ruined her career- haha!! :rolleyes: I'm also quite intrigued to see Marianela Nunez perform, but all this requires a lot of money...and a time machine! :thumbsup:

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My 2 all time favorites have to be Natalia Makarova and Patricia McBride- both very different from each other.

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Oh my!! There's so many to choose from!! I adore Amanda McKerrow, Jennifer Ringer, and Gillian Murphy! As far as men, Baryshnikov, Corella, and Steifel are up there!! Michael Cusumano, Corey Stearns, and Steven Marshall too!!

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Margot Fonteyn, for her eyes.... even when her feet werent perfect her head, face and eyes were telling the story and drawing you in.


Irina Baranova - Im halfway through reading her biography and she's so fascinating. It's easy to get lost in her world, I'm off to see the Ballet Russes Film this week - can't wait.


Rudolf Nureyev

and Robert Helpmann and Stephen Heathcote (GO AUSSIE) for the guys...

Also my former teacher Leslie White too. He's nearly 70 (I think) and can still cut it up!



It doesnt say just Ballet Dancers so i have to mention David Atkins - for Hot Shoe Shuffle

And Dein Perry - he's not a small man... but to see how quick he moves when he's tapping and hear perfect clarity of the fastest most innovative beats - well... it's AWESOME... plus in a culture where 'real men don't dance' he's been part of making it OK through things like Tap Dogs and Steel City.




Although sometimes my favourite dancers are girls at my school, There's this girl Lily who has such passion she's always moving, always rehearsing, always smiling... she's only 13 but i hope she makes a career of it.


There's Louise who's so athletic she gives the boys a run for their money in grand allegro


And Claire who has such grace and lightness of foot...


I love dancers that give me something tangible and acheivable to work towards. That for me is true inspiration.




Gosh, hope I haven't bored anyone with my ramblings, I get so caught up in the wonder of it all sometimes.


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Actually, I enjoyed your post. Ever thought of becoming a dance critic?

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Actually, I enjoyed your post. Ever thought of becoming a dance critic?



aww shucks. :(


now if only there was a career in that here in my little corner of Australia.

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My daughter....I had to say that. I'm partial.

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Alessandra Ferri. I have always been captivated by her style, her musicality and personality. She makes me want to cry when she dances! Her heart and love is so pure! I love Julile Kent as well though for the same reasons! I saw her last year at my first live professional performance and she DID make me cry! I would give anything to see Alessandra Ferri live one day! B)



I love Alessandra Ferri as well. I feel exactly the same way. However, she is retiring! :ermm: If there is any possible way for you to see her live, her last performance is on June 23, 2007 at the Metropolitan Opera House. She's doing Romeo and Juliet with Robert Bolle.


Tough one, I have so so many!! I love Polina Semionova, Alessandra Ferri, Alina Cojocaru, and Sylvie Guillem especially!!!!! :)

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SVETLANA ZAKHAROVA, Sylvie Guillem, and Maria Alexandrova's gorgeous man-like jumps!

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