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Who is your favorite ballet dancer?


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Alessandra Ferri is just a passionate dancer and I can watch her for hours and never get bored.


Julie Kent and Larissa Lezhina for their lines! They are stunningly beautiful and are so controlled.


David Hallberg and Marcelo Gomes are my absolute favorite dancers ever! They are equal to Alessandra Ferri in their passion. Marcelo Gomes is so fiery and teddy-bearish (is that a word?). David is so inspiring and his eyes...

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Marcelo Gomes is so fiery and teddy-bearish


thanks for putting into words what I have always thought lol

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Polina Semionova hands down and right now I doubt there'll be any dancer who can ever top her on my best-list. To me she is just perfect :devil:

I love Paloma Herrera as well. Her feet are to die for :)

And there are a few demi solists I found enjoyable to watch.


As far as male dancers are concerned... in Berlin we don't have a lot of special male dancers... until now there was no male dancer I found outstanding. Maybe Seminova's brother who will join her for the next season will become my favorite. Or the one dancer I quite enjoyed during Giselle, a czech. Ronald Savkovic. He had potential. So did Rainer Krenstetter.

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Dito!!! Polina Seminova definetly! And Gillian Murphy, her Odette is sooooooo amazing and beautiful!!!!

Hmmmmmmmm..... Julie Kent is amazing too...... ok I'm really bad at favorites! :wub::offtopic:

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Guest ingve

I have never been able to forget the first time I saw Fernando Bujones. For me he represent the most complete ballet dancer I have ever seen. I have never seen a dancer with his technique profiling himself not through "circus" but class.


Unfortunately too many dancers with his technique reduce their dancing to "how many piouettes" or "how high and spectacular can I jump" and forget to work on the important task of becoming complete dancers.


Well this is my oppinion :)

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My ultimate favorite would have to be Alina Cojocaru. She is so exquiste, and dances from the heart. Her technique is phenomenal too. My second favorite would have to be Polina Semionova.


I don't like to just see technician's on stage, I want to feel something from a ballerina.

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I have seen Legris (and Dupont) not too much time ago! but there's stil something supernatural about ms Kent...

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:) i love this thread


I thought Svetlana Zakharova was amazing when I saw her and Natalia Ossipova is beautiful as well but my FAVORITE is Ashley Bouder because she gives off soooo much energy and looks like she is having so much fun when she is dancing.

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I too love Polina Semionova. :shrug: There's something about the way she has such a strong center while her legs are high in the air :o She's also so delicate and if I was told to draw a picture of a ballet dancer, I'd probably draw someone who looked like her. I also really like Julie Kent, her dancing is so gentle and sort of sweet! I guess it reflects her personality. I recently watched a dvd of Cynthia Harvey in Don Quixote and I was soooo impressed by her attack! I thought she was really great. My mom had a video of Cynthia Gregory that I'd never seen before, so I decided to watch it and she was wonderful!! I loved it! :D From litle_dancer123 x :blushing:

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I have alot so im just going to name a few.



Margot Fonteyn

Alessandra Ferri

Gillian Murphy

Suzanne Farrell

Natalia Makarova

Julie Kent

Anna Pavlova



Rudolph Nureyev

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Robert Fairchild

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