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Music: Le Corsaire

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My daughter is having trouble finding the music for the variation section after Ali dances in Le Corsaire. The videos are easy to find from several companies but finding a music CD has been difficult. Her teacher had a CD but the music for this variation wasn't anything like what we have heard on the videos of the ballet. The music for the male varation is easy to find. Sorry for my layman's description of the section of the ballet. Any suggestions on where to find this music?

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Problem is, this used to be available from English Decca, but it's out of print now. Try Amazon for a used copy.

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Thanks. She decided to do something from La Bayadere,we have that music after an extended search last year. My son came very close to finding it on a free online music download(Mac only). I got my education on the origin and developement of this ballet and it's music and my son for once became involved so all wasn't a loss. :D

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Does anyone know where I can get the CD for le Corsaire?? I have looked everywhere, and I can't find it?? :)

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As far as I know, it's not available. The pas de deux is available on the Ballet Gala series, but the whole ballet is not, unless Christopher Seminars has it. Try http://www.christopherseminars.com


Okay, I just checked, and they do have it. :)

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The pas de deux is available on the following CD - Pas de Deux. Sofia National Opera Orchestra/Boris Spassov. You can get it through the Dancebooks website http://www.dancebooks.co.uk

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Does anyone know where I can either safely download or purchase the music from Le Corsaire? I'm looking for any CDs that are at a good tempo for dancing to.

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There is only one recording of this score, other than bootleg, that was available, that by Richard Bonynge, and that is not available now.

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If you cannot find the complete ballet there are a few options. You can use the audio from one of the many DVD's available. I also know that some of the music is available on a CD "Essential Russian Ballet". I hope this helps.

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Also, there is a recording of Paquita and Bayadere which has lots of solos on it (it had "my" Corsaire solo on it, maybe it has yours also). It's the Sofia Philharmonic recording, and the cover has Swan Lake on it. Also, if you go the DVD rounte, the ABT one should have what you are looking for.

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