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lifespan of a ballet shoe


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I'm wondering how long cas pair of ballet shoes be used. Not pointe shoes, but the regular canvas or leather shoe. If there isn't an exact timeline, when will I know it's time to replace them? I've seen dancers in shoes that are black and faded! :rolleyes:

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Papillion, it just depends totally on how much you wear them, the kind of floor you work on, and of course how well you use your feet. :rolleyes:

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Guest kristinene

Hi Papillion, I replace mine when they interfere with my dancing (ie flaps of material!). I don't think scuffs or color changes are reasons for a student to replace shoes, that would get expensive! I'd say to replace them when you can't dance in them anymore, due to holes and general fabric break down. Of course, you can always duct tape them back together like in that famous photo!

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If I take my flats out of my bag and my first thought is to get the duct tape, then I know it's time to buy new flats!

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Considering how unsubstantial they are, I'm amazed at how long my shoes last. I'm a big fan of Bloch ProliteIIs, canvas, split sole. It seems like they last 4 to 6 months (averaging 2 classes a week). By the end of their life, they're really ugly, with cruddy residue from rosin and the stuff they clean the floor with (ammonia trichloride?). But it takes a rip separating the sole from the body or one that exposes a toe before I send them to technique shoe heaven.

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hrmm.. I guess my shoes aren't so bad after all. The insides are slightly ripped in areas, but the whole shoe is definitely not falling apart entirely. There's some splotches of loss in coloring, mostly in the big toe area. (I hope that's a good sign! :P ) It's good to know my shoes still have time ahead of them.

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I've danced on carpet, and ruined shoes in a matter of minutes!!

It was a bad experience, enough said.



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Guest BalletGurl11

Generally, I know it's time when I start getting floor burns on my big toe because it's poking through. It's hard to part with them though, because at that time I have them worn perfectly how I like them!

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