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long term effects of a sprained ankle


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It's been almost 4 years since I sprained my left ankle. It was a bad sprain. The doctors told me all 3 of the stabilizing (whateverthey'recalled) thingies ripped. However, I recovered and resumed all my athletic activities and ballet.


In the intervening period, ever so often I'd experience some pain from that ankle after a particularly grueling workout. Now, it seems I'm experiencing pain a lot more often :)


I notice it most when I first get up. My foot really wants to rest in a sickled, turned-in position, with the outside edge of my foot making first contact on every step. Watching me hobbling down the stairs is not an elegant sight! Within 30 minutes I can move the foot, with just a hint of pain, and by midmorning everything is back to normal.


I'm trying to figure out if there is any sort of stretching, massage, or physical therapy that might strengthen the ankle and keep me pain free. Or should I just admit I'm getting older and go get fitted for a cane? :unsure:

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You may have had some residual damage from that sprain that would be perfectly all right for ordinary mortals to work on, but not dancers! And sprains are lousy things - they take longer to heal completely than fractures! Time for a trip to the podiatrist, or even a sports/performance orthopedist.

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You might like to see a sports massage therapist. They can teach you a lot about how your muscles and ligaments work and can also offer strengthening tips.

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You may want to find a good, licensed Osteopath in your area to work on your foot. I've heard great stories of how Osteopaths have help heal dancers properly. My chiropractor is also a license Osteopath. Some of the things be does hurt like theres no tomorrow but, boy, do I feel better these days. Remember those double ice-packs in Richmond? Don't need them anymore.



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