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Minor Audition Question

Guest ckdancegirl7

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Guest ckdancegirl7

I have a question...

On the websites for two auditions I am doing this weekend I looked up the dress code. It says "class attire"; does that mean I can wear any color leotard or does it still need to be black? Also, when it says "no jewelry or dangly earrings" can I still wear small rhinestone stud earrings? Thanks! I just wanted to make sure I wear the appropriate dress code for my auditions. :cool2:

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Generally speaking class attire means clean, neat leotard and pink tights and ballet slippers for the young ladies and black tights, white shirt for the young men. In the auditions I conduct I prefer simple leotards without "missing pieces", one color only and the same material. The color is not an issue with me personally although our website does specify black. I have never suggested that someone not be accepted because they had the wrong leotard on. How many earrings in the ear ( other body parts) can be a moment for thought though! :cool2: i do however fully expect that a student would wear what is required at any SI.

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If it says class attire and does not specify a color, then that means you don't have to wear black, although you certainly can if you want to :cool2: As for the earrings, if they are studs and not dangling, then I don't see a problem, as long as there are not lots of them, as vrs said.

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