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What's your first choice?


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Hey everyone! I was just wondering what everyone's first choice of summer program to go to that they auditioned for. I really hope to go to Boston but I haven't recieved my letter yet. Anyone else who has a first choice, please post here! :D

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Guest TootsiePop

I sort of have a first choice, hehe. I went to Joffrey Midwest last year and loved it sooo much! If I get in again this year, that is my first choice, that or PNB. All of them sound soooo great.....but I think i've finally decided those are my top 2! :D

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Mine was ABT, but sadly I didn't get in...but instead I'm going to Ballet Austin, so it's alright.



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Hey, well my top top choice would be Suzanne Farrell but thats not very likely...my second choice would be SFB or Harid:)



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Wellllllll, my first first coice would have been ABT NY, but I didn't get that....only the Detroit program....so that's out. However, I'm kinda glad I didn't get in to NY becasue then it would have been a hard decision between ABT NY and Washington. I'm pretty darn sure I'm going to Washington, yayyy! :o SO excited already! Although I still have 2 auditions left...Kaatsbaan and PNB. I probably won't get into either one, though, and my first choice would still be WSB. :shrug:



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Guest imadancer

I went to Ballet Austin for the last two years and it is great :grinning: this year I'm going to AAB instead


:):thumbsup: if at austin you see two girls named sarah and kelsey tell them hi ( :P thats all they auditioned for :wub: )


The Rock School or ABT were my favorites but I didn't get in - maybe next year

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My first choice was Boston and since I got an early acceptance, I didn't have enough time to hear from my other auditons, so instead of taking a risk I am going to BB SDP this summer.

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