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keeping eyes focused in turns


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In pirrouettes, and all types of turns, i spot my head, but i generally have a hard time focusing my eyes. this obviously leads to me being dizzy and not being able to turn to my full potential....

any tips? please help!

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Well, spotting is really the head action, however it does help to focus, especially until you become a bit more consistent. Practice spotting with "paddle turns", or with piqué soutenu en diagonal. Use an object, or even a person standing there, to spot.

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Wait a minute! Do you mean focusing the eyes, as in being able to see a sharp image at the object you've selected to watch, or do you mean actually selecting the object in the first place? If it's the first one, then we're either into psychology or neurology. Either you're so panicked by the turn, you literally can't see straight, or there's something wrong with the vision center of your brain! More than we can deal with, that latter one. About the panic - relax! That's all we can tell you. It's just a balance in whatever position that happens to turn.


Now, if it's selecting the object, that's a lot easier. Pick something stationary that is slightly above your eye level so that you don't drop your chin, and focus sharply on that thing, so that you see it clearly. Then simply turn, and make sure that you see the object clearly again when you are done bringing the head around in the spot.

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thanks for the suggestions...

but my eyes seem to go further than my head (do you get what im saying? lol)........they want to turn with my head..i cant explain it. it's really weird. i will try you're suggestions though.

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I have a problem with this which I believe is because I wear contacts. I can find the object and see it just fine but i cant focus my eyes enough to reorient and direct myself. It helps me in pique turns and soutenu turns if I blink between each spot so I see very little other than what I am spotting.

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Thanks ConstanzaElisabeth!! :D

That works great! I just tried it in my kitchen--I've always had problems with dizziness and that trick helps! :wink:


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Careful, Clara, you've strayed over into Young Dancers, and while you're obviously still young, I don't think you're 13-15. But as it supports ConstanzaElizabeth's post, I'll leave the post.

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