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i feel really bad...


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ok, i am attending the ABT NY summer intensive this summer, which is by itself a lot of money. on top of that, im going to have to commute or either live in an apartment with my brother for 6 weeks, which means even more money. Plus, i dont know if i need a certain color leotard for abt, meaning money spent on more leotards. but wait, im not done...Im also doing a second program at the end of august for about 2 weeks in NYC, meaning another huge chunk of mula. Then, there's money for boarding for this summer program, and i know for a fact there is a certain color you need to wear for you're level (you got it, more $). wait, one more thing....spending money. i need money in NYC for meals, and anything else i might need. :grinning:


i feel sooo bad...and feel that i am being selfish and unappreciative. Does anyone else feel the same way? i am 14...any suggestions for making some money?

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I know exactly how you feel! I always feel like I'm being too selfish to my family because they are spending all that money for me to go away to a summer intensive. I'm sure my family would like to take a vacation for the summer but they never can because I'm always away and they spent a lot of money. :wub: However, in terms of possible solutions, try to find ways to get scholarships or grants. It doesn't necessarily have to be from the SI. Research other grant and organization programs in your community to see if any one is offering scholarships. For example, there is an Optimist Club in my community that always gives money to youth trying to pursue their dreams. If all else fails, just try to save every last bit of money you have. This means no going out with friends to the movies to spend money. Just save everything! :grinning: Also, you could try to get a job. Not neccessarily a full time job, but just little things like babysitting for your neighbor( just to save some cash away) If you continue to do this, your parents will soon realize how important it is to you to go away to a SI and how much you are really trying to help out financially. So with that said, go research financial aid programs, get a job, and save every little last bit of money. Remember: every little thing counts and could add up! :thumbsup: While SI do cost a lot of money, the training that you get over the summer is invaluable and is an opportunity that you will remember forever. I hope some of this helps and good luck! :P


P.S: Congratualations to making it to ABT NY :)

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Guest twinkletoad5000

Well, I haven't decided where I'm going yet, but wherever it is, there will most likely be airfare involved.(yet another fee) I have also been trying to find ways to earn money. Here are some that I came up with:


1. baby sitting. I am only 13, so I don't have much experience with this, but some older girls might have some good tips.


2. My family keeps a "coin jar" where we put our spare change left from the day(i.e. my mom and dad's change from lunch or work). Last year I wrapped all of the coins, and it ended up being about $300 worth of cange :grinning:


3. Sometimes on a school holiday, I do work at my parents' offices. (i.e. filing or alphabetizing documents)


4. Normal household chores


5. Send letters to your neighborhood stating who you are what you are up to. List some chores that you could do for them.(i.e. check thier mail or water plants if they are gone)


If I think of more ideas, I will be sure to post them. Hope this helps :P

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Guest SophieSapphire

I'm 15 and have been babysitting for a couple years. One of my best friend's mom recomended me to her 6-yr-old daughters class at school, and i've gotten a TON of jobs that way. If you have a little sibling, pick them up from school one day and talk to all the parents. Great free advertising!!


Also, I have babysat for the younger girls that attend my studio. They LOVE having a "Big Girl" from dance at their house (literally, open mouths...you're like a a celebrity!).


Just don't be timid and ask around. Chances are someone will need a babysitter!! And if a client is about to underpay you..speak up!! The money matters!


Good Luck and Happy Dancing! :grinning:

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Ask if you can put up signs at the studio, and around school, about whatever jobs you can do, like pet sitting, or gardening, or babysitting. If there are little kids that have class before you do, chances are, you'll be there a little early and there will be moms who would like to go get a cup of coffee while kid one is in class, but can't because of kid number 2(I see this happen a lot before some of my classes). Offer to watch kids during older sib's class and mom can go run errands. Another thing that I was asked to do through the local JCC this year was to have ballet birthday parties. They would be for kids between 3 and 6, and I'd teach them a little bit of ballet (I am on faculty at my studio teaching the little ones) and then we'd make up a little dance, with some tutus (the JCC was going to buy the tutus, but nobody has wanted one of those parties yet)

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