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What to Wear to Rehearsals


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I'm going to my first rehearsal later today, but what would be appropriate to wear? In our regular ballet classes we wear black leotards, but the teacher doing the rehearsals is from a Professional company, and they wear whatever color they want. So would I be wrong to wear a colored leotard?

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CAdancer I would play it safe. Wear a black leotard today and then ask the person in charge if it would be okay to wear a colored leotard in rehearsal. :angry:

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It would probably do no harm, but keep in mind that there are two colors that make almost nobody's skin tones look good - aquamarine and scarlet. Best to be conservative about things.

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Yeah, I would do what vrsfanatic said and wear black the first day then ask your teacher if you can wear different colors in reherseal. Your better safe then sorry! :angry:

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Thanks you guys! That is what I was thinking too. My mom told me though, that my sister (when she went to my school) wore colored leotards to rehearsals. But I better play it safe.


By the way Mr. Johnson, thanks for the tips! My leotard that I would've worn would be orange/red- sounds ugly but looks pretty! It matches well with my skin tone.

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