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My feet kinds of get stuck(I mean, can't move :D ) when I straighten them during fifth position plie. :wink: I can't really feel which part of my feet got stuck, it just hurts a bit. It doesn't happen very often, probably 2, or 3 times per week. It only gets stuck when I'm doing barre work..

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Ennvoy, I am not really sure I understand what you mean by

...when I straighten them during fifth position plie...
Could you please explain in another way? Your feet are supposed to be straight in all fifth positions whether you are in demi plie or not. By straight, do you mean in a straightline on the floor, flat on the floor, are you cupping them, are you refering to keeping your feet parallel to one another or something else? :D I cannot imagine how your feet could be crooked.
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Ennvoy, are you asking about your feet or your knees not straightening? I am a bit confused. :shrug: Maybe you have too much rotation of the feet that does not happen all the way up through your knees to the upper thigh in 5th position? If you do not have the feet placed properly on the floor all sorts of uncomfortable and dangerous things can happen.


Is English your first language or are you writing in English as a second language? Just wondering!

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