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Early AM classes, BOston?

Guest kristinene

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Guest kristinene

Hi guys,

Anyone know of a class in Boston that ends before 9:30 on Saturday morning? I have a rehearsal at The Dance Complex at 9:30, and I'd love to take a class - balllet, floor barre, modern, yoga, pilates, whatever - before that. I've been looking around the net on my own, but haven't yet found anything. I'm hoping that y'all can help me out! :yucky:

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While I don't have an answer for you, I have a question for you :wink:


I noticed that you are on the Cape. I visit my parents every summer in W Yarmouth, very near the Barnstable airport. I would love to take class(es) while I am there. Can you recommend some studios in the Hyannis/W Yarmouth Barnstable area? I don't want to travel too much up and down the Cape, but if it is 'easy' (relative term in the summer traffic), I will travel some.


Thanks much!



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Guest kristinene

Hi b1,


I'm in Falmouth, so I'm not really familiar with the classes offered in Hyannis. I know that there are schools in the area, just nothing about them. Good luck finding classes you like! I wish you well!

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