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I think those letters are just on their way.I'd love to know how your dancer liked the audition and any thoughts you had! If you come for the summer I'll be at the piano! I think not many yet know of the program but it should be quite wonderful. :)

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Hi Novamom! Is your daughter planning on going to Ms. Jaffe's program this year? It is one of my daughter's friend's first choice for an SI this year. I'm anxious to hear all about it. It sounds wonderful.

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Guest novamom


No plans yet. We still have one more audition for Washington Ballet, and have yet to hear from Boston and PNB. Unfortunately, PD&T gives us only until Mar. 1 to respond! :angry: Is this the apple and the tree scenario? I can't quite fathom why such a short response time is given. The deposit is a whopping $1,000.! I hope they will give us an extention :( ! We just cannot afford to "donate" that kind of money. And, as you've discussed on another thread, we have made those kinds of "donations" before, but not for nearly this amount. In contrast, DD received her acceptance to MCB last week, and they give us until March 22, with a very reasonable deposit! I call that user-friendly!

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This was great to read! My daughter was waiting anxiously to hear and just received her letter on Saturday she is planning on attending this SI. We are curious to know of those who were accepted who is planning on attending. She would love to "chat" with someone who is going if this is possible.

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Hi DancinInDel. My 15-year-old dd was accepted too and is also planning to attend. We are VERY excited about the faculty. How old is your dancer? We are from the DC area.

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Hi BalletNutter. My daughter will be 14 in June. The faculty sounds wonderful I am sure they will have an amazingl experience. We auditioned at Princeton and the facility is very nice-- Did you go to the MD audition site? Is it possible for the girls to email each other? Does your daughter know anyone else who is attending? Thanks for your response. We are new to this site and are having fun reading all the information available.

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Hi DancinINDel: Yes, we went to the MD audition site held at Maryland Youth Ballet. No, we do not know anyone else who is attending the program though we certainly recognized a lot of faces at the audition. I'm sure that my daughter would enjoy writing to your daughter but I think you'll need to up your posts (I think it might be 25) on Ballet Alert to get private messaging privileges unless you want to give out her email address on a public forum. When you get private messaging privileges, you and I can correspond and share the email addresses. So keep posting!!

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Just wondering - if you all or anyone else attended this new program would you please give us your feedback on the SI forum.


I know I've read comments about how great this program was but when I went to the SI forum to read, I was very surprised to find it pretty lacking in comments. :thumbsup::unsure:


P.S. :sweating: OK, I knew there had to be a problem! It turns out that there were two different threads on the SI forum...someone had started their own thread on it rather than adding to the existing one. :rolleyes: I've merged them together now for your reading pleasure! :wink:

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This may not be appropriate for me to say, since I am not the one who auditioned, but one of my friends auditioned for Princeton and she was accepted. This was her first choice school so she is definetly going! I wish you the best of luck receiving letters and making decisions!

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