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is it never too late

Guest Nique

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My friend has recently been advanced to pointe; she started ballet when she was 17 and is now twenty. My teacher started at 18 and was a soloist at NBC by the time she was 21 with the help of taking alot of classes. I thought girls advanced onto pointe around their early teens and only if they are good enough. Are they just a rare case or is it possible to start even though you're above the average age? :yes:

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Hi, Nique, and welcome to Ballet Talk at Ballet Alert! Online! :yes:


And yes, I'd say the cases you cite are fairly rare in the case of your friend, and practically unheard of now in the case of the teacher's history.


It is of course possible to start late, and have a very good time taking ballet classes, but professional employment as a ballet dancer is highly unlikely.

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I recently started pointe, and I'm seventeen. I know I'll never have a career in ballet, but I wanted to start. I was going to start when I was thirteen but I quit dancing for two years and I started up again when I was 15. I started pointe in november '03 and I think that I'm more technically and physicaly prepared now then for it then when I was going to originally start. I've advanced really quickly and my teacher is quite pleased with the work I've been doing.


I know this dosen't have much to do with anything, but I just wanted to give an example of a 17 year old starting pointe. So, moderators if you feel this is off topic please delete it. And my apologies. :wink:

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No problem, Annie, recreation is fine. Your expectations are realistic, and that's to be encouraged.

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