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Lilac Fairy


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Does anyone have any tips or suggestions about the Lilac Fariy variation from Sleeping Beauty?? I'm striving to do the best I could do and any information will be extremly helpful! Thanks!

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Did you know that the Lilac Fairy is the eldest of the six in the prologue pas de six? That's why she dances last. It's also why the variation should be danced with confidence and security.

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I have a question regarding the Lilac Fairy. A few years back, when I was still in beginning pointe, but a level above all the rest of the girls my age (I started pointe with my age group), I stayed to watch the older girls do variations, and they did Lilac Fairy. I fell in love with the music, and after the first day, I ran home to watch it on tape. I was disappointed to find that the variation was done much more slowly, almost half as slow, and that the music was not nearly as nice slow. Was it originally a slow or fast variation? Do we know whether Tchaikovsky originally meant it to be fast or slow?

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Not only do we not know the answer to that question, we don't know what Marie Petipa did in the original production! In the notation score, there are two versions of the variation, neither one being the one commonly seen today, which is often said to be from ca. 1912, and being the work of a young Feodor Lopukhov, or possibly Alexander Gorsky. Tchaikovsky wasn't around any more to consult on tempo.

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Thanks so much Mr.Johnson! I appreciate the information, it will help to to become my character. Knowing a little more information about my role really helps me to get into the role.

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