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Clara 76

Ballets: Female Choreographers

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Anna Sokolow (sp?)

Ruthanna Boris

Jill Bahr

Gwenneth Lloyd (co-founder RWB)

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Twyla Tharp

Cathy Marston

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Aszure Barton and Kate Weare.

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Berta Yampolsky the Founder/Artistic Director of the Israel Ballet is also the resident choreographer. Since 1974 she has choreographed some 30 ballets, which include neo-classical pieces in varying styles and her own choreographic versions of the full length classics. She has won awards for her choreography and is still creating new pieces. There are several examples on Youtube including Ni Na and Xta among others. I'm a great fan of her choreography - especially after she created for me the most fantastic part as Juliet's nurse in her version of Romeo and Juliet!

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its the mom

Helen Pickett and Sabrina Matthews

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Adding on to the love for Crystal Pite, here.

Also, Margaret Mullin of PNB has been getting noticed for her choreography lately, and from the clips I've seen it looks pretty interesting.

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Nelly Von Bommel


love the music ...... doesn't start until 1:18 so keep watching


LOVE this work!!

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