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Boston Dancelab or ABT Austin


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Your input about these two very good programs will help me decide which SI to attend. I have been very lucky to have been accepted by both. I've read a lot of information about them from their websites and from this forum. The problem is, the more information I read, I think the more I am confused. Which one would you go to? :dry:

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It's really a matter of your choice of program type and location, sujet. They are very different. Dance Lab is very good for younger dancers, especially those who might have some placement or rotation issues, or other things that need very careful work and attention. Also there is a difference in length of the programs, I think. The longer program would, IMO, be better.

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sujet59 you are the only one who can make a decision as to which program is best for you. You need to sit down with your family and teacher and discuss budget, training goals, length of the programs, location.

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